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We’re celebrating the Birthday week of @tracyyoliver , the Executive Producer of #FirstWivesClub ! Thank you for telling classic stories in fresh and hilarious Ways, welcome to the BET Family! #FirstWivesClub 

We present... #DadJokes  from the #FirstWivesClub  men. (Yeah, they're that bad. 😂) Leave your best dad joke in the comments in celebration of #FathersDay !

The #FirstWivesClub  men open the Dad Box for a surprise challenge. Nothing wrong with a little competition, right? 😂 Sending love and Happy Father's Day wishes to all the awesome dads of the world!

In this special #FathersDay  video, @MalikYoba , @tobiastruvillion , and @tallmanmark  of #FirstWivesClub  discuss why Black fathers matter and their #1 rule to raising kids.

The men of #FirstWivesClub  wish you a #HappyMothersDay ! Watch @tallmanmark , @malikyoba  and @tobiastruvillion  hilariously define "Black Mama Sounds" on our @firstwivesclub  IGTv channel! 📸 @rayonrichards 

#HappyMothersDay  to the women of #FirstWivesClub ! We love you. We support you. We celebrate you. May you continue to be an inspiration for your children and for the world!

Whoever said that #Adulting  was hard, hasn’t met @michellebuteau  😎. Follow the #FirstWivesClub  Instagram story, and spend a day in the life of Michelle as she figures shit out and shares her tips on #Adulting  through NYC. You don’t want to miss the fun! 🤣🤣

Wishing our sis @missjillscott  a big Happy Birthday! Thank you for giving us countless R&B bops, being a raw and authentic actress and blessing the world with a smile that lights up any room you walk in. We will continue to celebrate your brilliance and contribution to the world. May you continue to live your life like it’s GOLDEN 👑. We look forward to your debut on #FirstWivesClub .

@ryanmichelleb  is twirling into Saturday with grace! Much like her #FirstWivesClub  character Ari, she is doing 👏🏾the 👏🏾 most👏🏾. Today Ryan tackles being a soccer mom, supporting @sterlingkbrown  at the @naacpimageawards  and coordinating the fundraising gala for the Los Angeles Chapter of Jack & Jill of America! Watch Ryan’s full day unfold in the #FirstWivesClub  “Managing It All” IG story👆🏾. Let us know if you can identify with Ryan’s day.

It's a celebration every time we link up! 🎊 #HappyNewYear ! #FirstWivesClub  @missjillscott  @ryanmichelleb  @MichelleButeau  @TracyYOliver 

Happy Holidays from #FirstWivesClub ! ❤️