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- ジャンピエロ   Creative mind from Naples 🍕 | Clients: @snoopdogg • @nikefootball • @levis • @netflix • @drewhouse

BILLIE EILISH FEVER! “I’M BAD FAMILY GUY” MeggieEilish x @billieeilish 

THE BEST HOT DOG IN TOWN! 🌭@drewhouse 

Follow your dreams. Nothing else. My best masterpiece.

Hey J, I can't explain the emotions I felt when I saw this shirt made after months of hard work! I really want to thank u for all these emotions. I look forward to showing you the rest of the collection we created! Thank u for all my life @drewhouse  and @justinbieber ! Thank u Drew fam love u! #ThisIsNotADream  believe in yourself | “Even a caress can dry a tear” | “Anche una carezza puó asciugare una lacrima.” 💧

Notifications are also ruining the most important kisses. Kiss in "plane mode". . . . Le notifiche stanno rovinando anche i baci più importanti. Baciate in “modalitá aereo”. . . Good #internationalkissingday 

Always a legend. @sergioramos  #2yago  | the fake mouse | the returns ⚽️ #fineart  @nikefootball 

Justin's latest update shows most of the work we've done! Designed by Gianpiero ® in Cali...Naples. Here are the details of some of these. We have the coolest stickers ever!@justinbieber  @ryangood24  ... 🥦 @drewhouse  I'm waiting to see the collection! #gottacatchemall 

@drewhouse  BACKSTAGE | BEAR TIMELAPSE 🧸 Designed by @gianpiero  in Cali.... Naples! 🇺🇸 🇮🇹

IT’S REAL! ✏️ @gianpiero  | @drewhouse  | @justinbieber  | @ryangood24  ! THIS IS NOT A DREAM, WELCOME TO DREW HOUSE. COMING SOON...

It has been a very hard two months. I had a big responsibility, to amaze @justinbieber  and @ryangood24  with crazy illustrations for the @drewhouse  brand. I haven't been able to think of anything else for two months. Soon you will see what we have done for you. I'm very happy. This morning I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed a strange expression ... 🤯 @justinbieber  @ryangood24  help me 😂 . . . . Sono stati due mesi molto duri. Ho avuto una grossa responsabilità, stupire @justinbieber  e @ryangood24  con delle illustrazioni folli per il marchio @drewhouse.  Sono due mesi che non riesco a pensare ad altro. Tra poco vedrete cosa abbiamo fatto per voi. Sono felicissimo. Stamattina mi sono guardato allo specchio ed ho notato una strana espressione... @drewhouse.  Lo so sembra una barzelletta, ma è così.

The sad truth. Times change... 🖼