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- GIANPIERO   CARTOON DESIGNER. I HAVEN’T SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. I’M AN ARTIST (?) Feat: @snoopdogg @nikefootball @levis @netflixit |🚨 🚨 🚨 coming soon @drewhouse

Chip: « I drink to forget that fairy tales no longer exist...». Where did the fairy tales go? 💔 #BeautifulAndTheDrink 

A RARE SKELETON OF TORONTO RAPTORS VINTAGE LOGO. No photos. 🦖 | #art  #torontoraptors  #basket  #nba 

The passion burned. Slowly I was consuming myself. If you are afraid to throw yourself into the fire, don’t turn on my passions. Because I was never afraid of fire. 🔥 #DontPlayWithFire 

When you really want someone you never care about anything. We don't even care about pain. We are dreamers. Are u🌵or 🎈? ⤵️ #OnlyForDreamers 

The great @nickyromero  🔥 #tbt 

Talent is a golden chain that tightens other dreams. We haven’t spare keys. Don't force your keys. 🔒#mood 

LOVE HASN’T GENDER | International Day Against #Homophobia  🌭 ———>

WAKE UP @justinbieber  @teddysphotos  ! IT’s FRIEDAY 🍟 #IDC  video | 15:00 🕒 🇮🇹

“2047”. Step by step. Work in progress. Be careful with this signature. 🌎 🛸 Thanks to those who have always believed in me. My world will be amazing! I’m workin’ for this.


@instagram  is becoming a big washing machine where all people try to clean up the bad things in their lives. Living a fake life... “#WASHTAG ”

Here's what the Looney Tunes would look like if they were inspired by trapstars. 1/5 “TRAPPY DUCK” inspired by @sferaebbasta  🇮🇹 #LooneyTuneskkkk