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- Hiram Garcia   Film/Television Producer / President of Production - Seven Bucks Productions / 🔴Leica Ambassador ——— Next Release: HOBBS & SHAW 8/2/19


It’s great to be back with our @disneysjunglecruise  family for some additional photography! Love this team! 🚢❤️🌴 #JaumeColletSerra  @therock  #EmilyBlunt  #Leica  #LeicaQ2  @leicacamerausa  #BnW  #BlackAndWhite  #OnLocation  @disneystudios  @flynnpictureco  @sevenbucksprod 

What a crazy run! Here’s a #FBF  to not only a picture wrap on our @jumanjimovie  sequel but the final day of a run that had us shooting 3 movies back to back to back since the top of 2018. @disneysjunglecruise  @hobbsandshaw  & #Jumanji . We’re damn lucky and blessed to do what we do with the incredible partners we do it with. We’re even more blessed though to be able to share it with our amazing audience. Can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on and what’s next!!! Oh and don’t worry. We didn’t have any hair before this run either....it’s not from stress. 😂 #NotaHairInSight  @therock  @danygarciaco  @sevenbucksprod  #HobbsAndShaw  #JungleCruise  #BWD  #AudienceFirst 

THAT’S A WRAP! Our new @jumanjimovie  sequel is in the books and we cant wait to show you the new adventure we have in store for you guys. Huge thanks to our passionate fans, our hard working crew for being so amazing, @sonypictures  for their support, my incredible producing partners @matt.tolmach , @therock , @danygarciaco , @dhouseholter , @chineseguy88 , #SkySalem , our brilliant director #JakeKasdan  and the nicest group of giant movie stars a film could ask for. @therock , @kevinhart4real , @jackblack , @karengillanofficial , @awkwafina , @nickjonas , @colinhanks  #DannyDeVito , #DannyGlover , @alexwolffofficial , @madisoniseman , @serdariusblain , @mozefro , @rhysiedarby  & all the rest I can’t mention yet! What a ride! Get ready!! 🐪🌴🏔 @sevenbucksprod  #Jumanji  🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥THIS CHRISTMAS

Killer of men. 🔥🔥👊🏻🦶🏻#RubyRoundHouse  @karengillanofficial  @jumanjimovie  @sevenbucksprod  @matt.tolmach  @sonypictures  #JUMANJI  🐪🏔🌴THIS CHRISTMAS

These two just don’t stop. Best of friends and the hardest working dudes in the biz. Just wait till you see what these two do in our new @jumanjimovie.  #NextLevel  #Jumanji  #Leica  #LeicaQ2  @leicacamerausa  #BnW  #BlackAndWhite  @kevinhart4real  @therock  @sevenbucksprod  @matt.tolmach  @sonypictures  THIS CHRISTMAS

Till next time #NewMexico . 🖤 #BnW  #BlackAndWhite  #Horse  #OnLocation 

Big #HappyBirthday  to the tequila drinkin’, ass whoopin’, weight slangin’, and biggest movie star in the world @therock.  Enjoy your day my brotha and thanks for including us all on your crazy journey! @hobbsandshaw  #BirfdayBoy  #TheRock  #BnW  #BlackAndWhite  @sevenbucksprod