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- Inezandvinoodh   Charles Star Matadin. other family members are Leonardo Moon Matadin and Theodore Fish Matadin ( the Australian Labradoodles) *_>

Here you go darlings!! Loved loved loved this girl! Kisses iv #Repost  @vmagazine  ・・・ | 𝕾𝖕𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖉 | When V was born, Y2K’s wave was cresting. 20 years of memorable stories later, we find ourselves at the onset of a new era one the mystical @billieeilish  is weathering with talent and wisdom beyond her years. The 17-year-old has illuminated a bright path for future generations to be their unequivocal selves. Refusing to alter her artistic vision or compromise the integrity of her craft, she embodies the very spirit that has made V the cultural force that it is, and is thus the perfect cover human for our September issue. Of course, a dream like this would not have come true without the artistic vision depth of @inezandvinoodh  paired with the inspiring @pharrell.  — Tap the link in bio to read our interview with pop’s most powerful phenomenon, and pre-order the issue now via our Shopify site. — Photography: #inezandvinoodh  Fashion: @alexwhiteedits  Interview: @pharrell  Text: @mathiasrosenzweig  Hair: @jamespecis  Makeup: @fulviafarolfi  Set Design: @marlaweinhoff  Production: @solasteph  @tbirbilis  @fumiaki_ishimitsu  — Billie wears cape, top, pants @gucci , necklace (worn as headpiece) @bulgariofficial , ring @tiffanyandco  — #V

How @sirbeckettthecollie  stays cool while recovering at home in nyc with @solasteph  and @tonisbirbilis  via @bluepearlvet  ♥️kisses iv

Back in New York. Xxiv

Found glamorous @katemossagency  in the restroom of @buffetvanodette  in Amsterdam xxiv

Always in love with @kazakyofficial  , this video is still one of the all time favorite things we did! Kisses iv #Repost  @kazakyofficial  ・・・ Perfect friday outfit doesn't exist? Look at this⚡️We can officially call this a second version of the LOVE video, which was directed by incredible duo #inezandvinoodh  with fashion by @nicolaformichetti  and edited by @ottoa  for @vmagazine  in 2012. To be honest it was something absolutely brave for us even at that time, after all that we've already released. But we were like “damn, this is art, these guys are so cool, they can do anything with us”. Full version on @vmagazine  YouTube channel entitled #KAZAKY  HORROR PICTURE SHOW 🔥

My mom Clementine van Lamsweerde drew me while we were on holiday in Croatia one summer when I was 9. Kisses iv #amsterdam  #storage  #littletreasures  #summertime 

Amsterdam’s Goldmine! Kisses iv #goldenbend 

Amsterdam’s Goldmine! Kisses iv #goldenbend 

Our new work with @chloessevigny  ♥️ A new 🥀 is born. CHLOË SEVIGNY LITTLE FLOWER Eau de Parfum Available for pre order at #cslittleflower  @regimedesfleurs  Concept & Styling @haleywollens  Flowers @joshuawerber  Hair by @hairbychristiaan  Make up by @fulviafarolfi  kisses iv

Oh the Dutch! Kisses iv @ravestijnantiques  ♥️

The Dutch Sky . There’s nothing like it. Kisses iv @ravestijnantiques 

The Dutch Sky . There’s nothing like it. Kisses iv