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- Jill Scott   Footballer for Manchester City and England. Also represented Team GB at Olympics 2012 - For all enquiries please contact kevin@pgs-team.co.uk


This time last year - Can’t wait for a catch up coffee with @jbeattie91  its been far too long! Going to miss this girl too much! London you’ve gained a good one ❤️

An inspiration to all female athletes - 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @englandnetball  you should be so proud!

SITTING ON HOLIDAY THOUGHT ID WRITE A POEM- Sitting reminiscing about how things used to be, Begging your mam for only 50p. 2 packets of space raiders, a chocolate bar and a sweet, You accepted that was going to be your only treat! Outside all day only heading home if you fell in the dirt, Don’t know why we bothered that liquid would hurt! Your mam would always give you a long meaning, But at the end of the day Detol reads Home Cleaning! Holidays would consist of a 2 hour drive up the road, Car hardly doing 40 because of the load! But they were the best trips laughs fresh air and a new friend “You can be my pen pal” One letter later that was the end! You had 50 auntys no relation at all, And on your birthday all of them you had to call! That was just as your mam pulls the internet wire out, “My song had 3 hours left of download” she hears you shout! Friday nights the adults time they were off to the pub A letter left on the table here’s some money for grub! Chippy tea, it was more batter than chips, A time when no one cared about their hips! So fortunate for childhood in SR6 Memories are worth more than a thousand pics!

Had the best weekend! Back with my 3 little people and the family! Bikes, Swimming, Football, Dancing, Amusements, bingo and so much more! Love a caravan holiday! #bluedolphin  @shellyunitt  @charliewilson_080508 

One more sleep till FaceTime becomes reality can’t wait ❤️❤️❤️ #caravantime  #rorythetiger 

It was great to see the work that @nike  have done in their Oxford Street store around The World Cup! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @nikefootball 

It was such a good day being in The Royal Box at Wimbledon! 🎾 What a day being with the girls and witnessing some great tennis! #wimbledon  #lionesses  #smiles 

So proud to be part of this team we gave it our all! 11 million of you tuned in and supported us sending good luck messages throughout - We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! What next? We rest, train hard and look forward to the next games what better motivation than an olympics and a home euros to compete for! The journey continues for women’s football.......... 🔙🔜

Come on team! Last push! Medal up for grabs let’s go! 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 #worldcup  #lionesses 

Today is all about this one! A true legend, a true friend and just a perfect human! We will miss you so much but excited to follow the next part of your journey! Keep being you Kazza your our hero! #happyretirement  #topplayer  #inspiration  @kazcarney 

It hurts a lot to not make the final! So proud to be part of this team and we will go again Saturday because the journey isn’t over yet! Thanks so much to the fans back home you’ve shared our smiles, nerves and tears stick with us! #lionesses  #england  #worldcup 

It’s semi final day! We keep going and we give it our all! Thanks so much for all your support back home 👊🏼😀👍🏼 #lionesses  #england  #worldcup