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Iconic times in China with the big man.⁣ 🤳✌️🇨🇳

Japan will always have my heart. The biggest photography series on YouTube, 4 Photographers Shoot The Same Model, has a new episode up today that I filmed and edited! Also, what makes this episode special is that it’s the first time we’ve filmed it overseas. Always a pleasure to collaborate with you @jessicakobeissi  and shout out to everyone else who helped bring this episode to life: @flanneryunderwood  @georgiarisa  @kohki  @ken_youthtokyo  @elliephoto__  Link to full video in my bio 👆🏽

Wanted to start the week off right by showing some appreciation for my hero, my old man. He started by mopping floors at the nation’s first ever Spanish radio station, but through hard work and a positive attitude worked his way to becoming the first ever nationally syndicated Latino television reporter in America. When the economy crashed in 2008, things got tough for my family for a little bit. We essentially lost our home, and as the media landscape continued to change my dad had trouble finding the same work that was once everywhere. Regardless of this, he wanted so deeply to give me a chance that he took out a loan and helped me buy my first cameras, lights and a computer for editing. For years we worked together producing videos for clients, just me and my dad. It wasn’t glamorous by any means but it was honest work and I still remember those projects so fondly. Love you dad. Thanks for giving me the world!

New video from our time in Hawaii now live on @therock  IGTV! Shoutout @liamunderwood  for helping me capture this one.

Countless flights, interviews, red carpets, meetings and workouts... thanks for taking me on the @hobbsandshaw  tour @therock ! Seeing you handle such an intense workload with class, grace and humility inspires me to be the best version of myself. Until the next one. Cheers! 🥃🌍

Alexa, play BEASTMODE on Spotify playlists. 💪🏽🇨🇳

Running around China with Mr. GQ @therock  👞👔🇨🇳

@therock  asked me literally hours before departure if I could fly with him to Hawaii to film a video about a mountain in his sacred homeland. He stressed that this was a very important thing we needed to do so of course I said yes. What I didn’t realize was that the elevation of this mountain sits somewhere around 9,000 ft. The sun and all of its glorious UV rays are quite unforgiving at this height. As soon as we landed we jumped into the fray of filming, things were moving so fast that the last thing to cross my mind was sunscreen, and 4 hours later it started to set in... the pain in my arms. Possibly the worst sunburn I’ve ever gotten. But it was so worth it to tell the story we needed to tell. 📸: @liamunderwood 

Mauna Kea is very sacred land to the Hawaiian people. It’s their spiritual sanctuary. The top of the mountains are their church. People want to come in and build things on this land that the people don’t want or need. It’s a heartbreaking dilemma, one that I hope ends with people putting humanity and compassion before profit or politics. Thank you @therock  for allowing me to tell this story with you. And HUGE thanks to @captainpotter  @nainoalanger  @primefootage  @minouye  @valenahlo  for contributing your footage to this piece and helping tell the greater story. Couldn’t have done it without you guys! #maunakea 

Big moment. Had an incredible time putting this vid together for The Rock’s new film Hobbs and Shaw. Congratulations on a huge opening night DJ! Additional cameras @liamunderwood  @mark.c.roe 

3 week tour with @therock  promoting his new film @hobbsandshaw  starts now! Excited to capture all the magic, mayhem and mana vibes. ✈️ 🎥

Long overdue. Took some scissors and chopped off all my hair. Anyone know any dope barbers in LA who can help me stay proper from here on out? 💈 ✂️ Also thanks for all the donation suggestions: def gonna donate!