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- ⚔️ Juliano “Barba” Lima ⚔️   Captain of Bearded Villains Brazil . ⚔️BΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛIПS⚔️ . @bvlakedistrict_uk Honorary Member🏅 . Tattoo & Fitness Lover . Photos:@julianolima.photo

⚔️ Honorary Member ⚔️ . . I’m truly honored and thankful for being now a Honorary Member of @bvlakedistrict_uk.  There’s no words to describe all the moments spent with @bateson1986  and @dave13anarchy , moments that I’ll never forget and will bring with me forever. . Guys, you have the spirit of BV: love, respect, family. As I use to say, this is what BV is all about. Thank you so much, it really means a lot to me!! . Much Love and Respect, i’m glad to call you guys Brothers! 🇧🇷👊🏼🎩❤️ . . @von_knox  @beardedvillains  @beardedvillainslatino  @beardedvillains_europe  @bvlakedistrict_uk  @beardedvillains_brasil 

🍻BEER🍻 . "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. "-Benjamin Franklin . #OGCraftBrew  #BeerdedVillains  . . Photo: @chev0070 

⚔️ Eyes ⚔️ . . Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living? . Bob Marley . . @beardedvillains  @beardedvillains_brasil  @beardedvillainslatino  @beardedvillains_europe 

⚔️ Flag Friday ⚔️ . . After hours of traveling, bus, car, airplane, train and etc, Im here, back to my country, in a bus, with bad internet connections trying to post this picture to tell everyone that BV changed my life, My body feels tired but my soul feels renewed. First of all I d like to say thank you to @von_knox  , bro, you’ve created a HUGE brotherhood. My brothers from @beardedvillains_brasil  for all the support always. For my brothers from Europe, you are so many, that im afraid to miss one of you guys! But don’t forget, all those moments I’ll never forget, they will be forever in my heart. You guys are AMAZING. You have always my Respect and Love. . .this is what BV is all about! . . @beardedvillains  @beardedvillains_brasil  @beardedvillainslatino  @beardedvillains_europe 

⚔ Exploring the Earth ⚔️ . "Life is not meant to be lived in just one spot. Travel! Explore! Live!" -unknown . #BVExplore  #OGTraveling  . . Photo: @chev0070 

⚔️ Villains Rides ⚔️ . . #villainrides  Fear is a powerful beast. But we can learn to ride it. . . O medo é uma fera poderosa. Mas podemos aprender a dominá-lo . . Photo: @regesvasconcelosfotografo  Tattoo: @gustavofischertattoo  Location: @barbearia777 

⚔️ COMIENZOS ⚔️ _________________________ “Y de repente, simplemente sabes que es hora de comenzar algo nuevo y confiar en la magia de los comienzos.” _________________________ #BVComienzos  #BVLatino  #BeardedVillainsLatino  ••••••• Tema : @beardedvillains_veracruz 

⚔️ 4th Years Anniversary ⚔️ . . Thats our new shirt! We are proud to be Villain, we are proud to be BEARDED VILLAINS BRAZIL!! 👊🏼⚔️🎩🇧🇷 . . Video: @regesvasconcelos 

⚔ C L A S S I C ⚔ . . "In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity." -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow . Theme inspired by @blackandwhite_passenger  . #BVBlackAndWhite  #OGSimplicity  #dappervillain 

⚔️ABANDONED⚔️ . "You can always abandon the structure, but the past remains." - HoneyPulpo . #OGAbandoned  #BVRemains  . . Photo: @regesvasconcelosfotografo 

⚔ ELEMENTS ⚔ . "The Earth is what we have in common." Wendell Berry . #BVEarth  #OGElements 

・・・ ⚔FLAG FRIDAY⚔ . . One brotherhood, one ship. Bearded Villains worldwide, let's salute our beautiful flag 'cause is #flagfriday  @von_knox  @beardedvillains  @beardedvillains_brasil  @beardedvillainslatino  . _____________________________________