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- KRAHS 🦈   by @tmarie247 WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

#KRAHSkage  is officially sold out 😎 @jacquieaiche  🦈

So hot you can feel the heat 🔥#krahsbytmarie  🦈 photo: @kiyanatehrani 

Mood when the alarm goes off 😴 who else hit snooze this morning? 🦈#krahsbytmarie 

Baddest on the block 😏 #krahsbytmarie 

The perfect shade of 𝑔𝓇𝑒𝑒𝓃 guaranteed to make your summer glow pop💥 #krahsbytmarie 

Sundays are no place for pants or responsibility #krahsbytmarie  🦈 makeup: @jennanicoleofficial  - hair: @camilamarie5 

KRAHS started as a dream and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Thank you for all the love and support 🦈 Which piece is your fave? #krahsbytmarie 

So nice, we had to make it twice ✌🏼 #krahsbytmarie  🦈 Polaroid: @kiyanatehrani  - model: @moaaberg  - makeup: @jennanicoleofficial  - tan: @isabelalysa 

taking in the vitamin SEA @iseasunglasses  🌊 who got their #KRAHSkage  ?! Still a few left but not for long !!!

Mood alllll weekend long @vintageframescompany  🦈 only a few #KRAHSkage  left you guys !

Too glam to give a damn! @kyliecosmetics  🦈 #KRAHSkage 

TGIF! 😎 have you grabbed your #KRAHSkage  yet ?! Here is a closer look at the @jacquieaiche  anklet 👀