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- Library of Glissant Studies   The LoGS is a collaborative open access project which aims to collect and make works by and on author Édouard Glissant accessible to the public.

Hommage à Toni Morrison (1931-2019), prix Nobel de littérature 1993. La littérature américaine pert avec sa disparition une voix puissante, qui était aujourd’hui plus que nécessaire. #beloved  #tonimorrison 

« What does the work of Édouard Glissant tell us about the relationship between philosophical thinking and the history and memory of the Middle Passage? That is, how does the historical experience of the New World alter conceptions of knowing, being, creating, and acting? » #summerreading  #edouardglissant  #walterbenjamin  #derekwalcott  #shoreline  #futurity  #becoming  #abyss  #franzfanon  #martinheidegger  #aimecesaire  #georgelamming  #rhizome  #universityofminnesotapress 

The Library of Glissant Studies's team wishes to pay homage to the Cuban poet and essayist Roberto Fernández Retamar, who died yesterday in Havana at 89 years old. He was an emblematic figure of contemporary Cuban culture, and the director of la Casa de las Américas since 1986. The author of "Caliban" was also a thinker of the Caribbean, and a faithful friend of Édouard Glissant, whom he called "my brother", as shown by these few words written for the 1979 Carifesta. #edouardglissant  #édouardglissant  #robertofernandezretamar  #casadelasamericas  #poetry  #poet 

Forthcoming publication 🤩『第四世紀 』, a Japanese translation by Keijiro Suga of Édouard Glissant's 1964 novel "Le quatrième siècle" (Incript Editions, July 25th, 2019). #edouardglissant  #édouardglissant  #quatriemesiecle  #escalavage  #litterature  #translation  #slavery  #novel  #roman  #japan 

LoGS's Log : L'équipe de la Library of Glissant Studies est heureuse de vous annoncer la publication des actes du colloque "Antilles/Louisiane : Un espace-temps partagé" organisé à Baton Rouge en 2016 sous la direction d'Alexandre Leupin et Dominique Aurelia. Dès son installation en Louisiane, en 1988, Édouard Glissant avait oeuvré à rapprocher ces deux espaces des Amériques dont il évoquait la relation poétique en ouverture des "Grands Chaos" : "Au large du Meschacébé, Père des Eaux. Le paysage, horizontal à vertige, qui suit le cours de la rivière Atchafalaya. Il rencontre celui, obstiné en hauts et abîmes, qui en Martinique va de Balata au Mont Pelé, par la route de la Tracée". Dans son sillage et en une manière d'hommage à sa pensée, cet ouvrage interroge et examine sous diverses perspectives (culturelle, sociologique, historique, philosophique, anthropologique, esthétique, littéraire) les liens constitutifs de cette "nouvelle région du monde" toujours à venir. #edouardglissant  #édouardglissant  #louisiane  #louisiana  #antilles  #martinique  #guadeloupe  #caraïbes 

LoGS's Log: Découvert à Cambridge, ce bel et inattendu hommage d'Édouard Glissant à Jean-Paul Sartre, "l'homme de conscience et l'écrivain", dans le premier tirage de "Soleil de la conscience" aux éditions Falaize (1956). Retrouvez d'autres envois d'Édouard Glissant dans la nouvelle rubrique dédiée de la Library of Glissant Studies et envoyez-nous les vôtres à glissantstudies[at]gmail[.]com Tous nos remerciements à Hugues Azérad, Jean Khalfa et aux étudiant(e)s de Magdalene College pour leur accueil. * Splendid and unexpected hommage from Édouard Glissant to Jean Paul Sartre, "the man of conscience and the writer" , in the first print of "Soleil de la conscience" (Falaize, 1956), discovered at the University of Cambridge. You can find additional inscribed books from Édouard Glissant in the new section created for that purpose in the Library of Glissant Studies, and email yours to us at glissantstudies[at]gmail[.]com Credit and thanks must also go to Hugues Azérad, Jean Khalfa, and Magdalene College's students for their warm welcome. #jeanpaulsartre  #edouardglissant  #glissantstudies  #dedicace  #édouardglissant 

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of J. Michael Dash. As one of the greatest scholar in Glissant Studies, he was one of the first to translate, and comment Glissant's work in the United States (Monsieur Toussaint: A Play, The Ripening, Caribbean Discourse: Selected Essays). Over the past several years, Michael Dash was particularly interested in the aesthetic dimension of Glissant's thought, and he had planned to write a book about Glissant's relationship to painting, landscapes, and those he called "the best readers of space "(Lam, Matta, Cárdenas ...). A loyal friend, he accompanied Glissant during every editions of the "Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe" since its creation. By doing so, he contributed to broaden the influence of Caribbean literary works, a passion he also encouraged among his students. In addition to his words, we will remember his laugh, that we already regret not hearing anymore. The entire LoGS team sends its deepest condolences to his family and friends. Picture: Ernest Pépin (left), Édouard Glissant (center), and Michael Dash (right), Prix Carbet de la Caraïbe, 2009, Martinique. #michaeldash  #edouardglissant 

The Library of Glissant Studies was proud to collaborate to the exhibition "Where the Oceans Meet", hosted by the Museum of Art and Design at MDC from May 26 to September 29. The event focuses on the work of Edouard Glissant and Lydia Cabrera , as well as 38 artists. #miami  #édouardglissant  #glissant  #edouardglissant  #glissantstudies 

In April 1992, Édouard Glissant and David Wills organized "Renvois d'ailleurs / Echos from Elsewhere", colloquium during which Jacques Derrida pronounced a second version of his famous talk "Le monolinguisme de l'autre", a milestone leading to the 1996's book, which became a classic in the field of Francophone Studies. The English translation of this conference, the program of the colloquium, and the poster designed by Sylvie Glissant, as well as other transcripts found in the archives of the LSU Center for French and Francophone Studies, are now available on the Library of Glissant Studies's website. #glissant  #glissantstudies  #edouardglissant  #jacquesderrida  #derrida 

Forthcoming publication: "Filosofía de la relación", the first Spanish translation of Édouard Glissant's 2009 essay "Philosophie de la Relation" (Mil Uno Editorial, April 30, 2019). #edouardglissant  #édouardglissant  #glissantstudies  #translation  #book 

"Tale of Black Histories" was originally written and performed in French ("Histoire de nègre") by members of the Institute for Martinican Studies in 1971. This avant-garde theater experience explores the history of Afro-Caribbean peoples through the periods of slavery, independence movements, and the Civil Rights era. Members of the Asante Children's Theatre of Indianapolis will read from the first-ever English translation of the play under the direction of Gilbert Laumord, artistic director, SIYAJ Theater Company, Guadeloupe. A short lecture by the play's translators, Dr. Andrew Daily (University of Memphis)nd Dr. Emily Sahakian (University of Georgia), will precede the reading. A link to the video of the performance will be added to the Library of Glissant Studies.