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- MOBY   * Comfortable babywearing for bonding moments with your little one * Keeping babies #closeenoughtokiss �

Stunning selfie complete with sleeping baby ✨@journeyboheme 

Head over to our Instagram stories (we’ll save to our highlights) to see mama @taylorthoits  demonstrating how easy it is to use our 2-in-1 Baby Carrier + Hip Seat as both a carrier AND a hip seat. Hence, it’s name sake. 😉

When you wish you could keep them this close forever. 💕 @allielareebeauty 

A secret pocket to stash snacks or bottles in our 2-in-1 Carrier and Hip Seat!

"2 weeks old + 2 weeks postpartum. 2 weeks of longer nights, endless baby cuddles, lots of learning, and a new love and peacefulness I never want to be without. Indy’s birth was an out of body experience for me that forever changed me, I can say she’s made me the best version of myself." Sharing her words along with her image because both are just too sweet. 😍 @rebeccastylianos 

...we may never recover from the baby fever that @christianna_altieri  is giving us with this photo. 😍 __ #mobywrapforthewin  #pursueyourpassion  #babywearingmama  #babyweainglove  #wearyourbaby  #movewithmoby 

There are few things we love more than seeing the awe in our children's eyes as they experience the wonders this world has to offer. ✨ Thanks for sharing this moment with us, @erin.audiss.  __ #mobywrapforthewin  #pursueyourpassion  #babywearingmama  #babyweainglove  #wearyourbaby  #movewithmoby 

Mom tip! During the witching hour when baby seems to fuss at 5 o'clock on the dot, safely place them in their Moby Wrap and stand outside (walking is optional). Fresh air is a simple way to calm both baby (and you) during trying moments....and remember, you got this! 💪 Photo: @lo.renna 

"What I love most about wearing my baby is the joy it brings to me. I had postpartum anxiety and depression after my last two children, and when I wear my baby I find it really helps boost my mood and brings peace to my mind that is usually overwhelmed with all the pressures of motherhood. It's a well-needed cuddle session for both of us!" @suzannekrytondesigns 

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#FBF  to one of our favorite #MovewithMoby  moments with @lynzyandco ! 💃🏻