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I love these goons 💫 Photo credit: @kaisalily  Avalon scapegoat: @caseywpatterson 

100% worth the sore glutes!

The abandoned mills and docks of Bombay are secret gardens. And if you know where to look, you can find ridiculously cheap sweet, strong, milky chai among the truck stops and tumbledown walls. . . . #bombay  #adventures  #chai  #girlsatdhabas  #localtrain  #hiddenmumbai  #industrialdecay 

Scrapping the clouds from the sky at 17,982 feet.

Have you ever seen wild horses galloping into the sunset across the grassy banks of one of the highest altitude lakes in the Himalayas because, man, I highly recommend it 10/10

Monsoon mornings ☔️ . . . #mumbairains  #commute  #monsoon  #bombay 

Colonial nostalgia, sweetie, floor to ceiling, that’s right

Beige food is best food feat. tilgul (seasonal raw sugar sesame balls)

hirsute statuary

mmmf. 💋

The sweetest smelling spot in the city - Dadar wholesale flower market, 4am