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- NETHrock   NETHERLANDS 💕☠️💕 = Brooklyn NYC based posthardcoresludgecoreartrock = TIMO ELLIS/THEE CHUQ/ JOSH MUSTO/ DAMIEN MOFFITT🔥🔥🔥 ..smell the magic at

NETHROCK 2019... photo by Jackie Roman (@officialjackieroman ) . #nethrock 

Anybody in the vicinity, as well as anyone looking for a Labor Day weekend road trip…ought to seriously consider going to the stacked-incredibly deep RPM fest in Montague, MA… . Our friends and comrades in MOON TOOTH, HUSBANDRY, HIVESMASHER, THOUGHTCRIMES and PROBLEM WITH DRAGONS will all be tearing it up there as well so please make a note of it / get tix ASAP, as it will sell out! . For more info, go to

NETHERLANDS "THROMBOSIS", official music video from the AUDUBON LP, 2016. Directed by Frank Huang. Album link thru our website, in bio. #nethrock  #audubon  #thrombosis 

a night of Sludgy Stoner Doom is coming to the CLASH BAR (39 Harding Ave, Clifton, NJ) FRIDAY AUGUST 2nd 8:30pm ..with: ********************************************* Shadow Witch - Fresh off their weekend at The Maryland Doom Fest, New York's Shadow Witch brings their heavy psychedelic stoner grunge ********************************************* MantisMass - NJ's grooviest sludge band performing all the songs from their upcoming release, Succumb To Rust. ********************************************* Brooklyn's NETHERLANDS crushes decades' worth of bombast into psychotropic nuggets of evil rock bliss, with nods to the dirtbag rituals of 70s heavy metal, the grandeur of 80s arena rock, and the crunch and hooks of 90s post-hardcore. ********************************************** Sleeping Village- Jersey's psychedelic doom trio, steeped in fuzz and Sabbath inspired riffs. ********************************************** Zion Band - North Jersey sludge metal infused with doom and hardcore. ********************************************** #doom  #sludge  #sludgemetal  #sludgepop  #doompop  #punk  #metal  #mathrock  #oldschoolmetal  #psychmetal  #posthardcore  #synthrock  #stonerrock  #noiserock  #desertrock  #artrock  #progrock 

ROOTS OF NETHrock 4 DESCENDENTS “Liveage”. . somehow I came to this record later (relatively), and IMO it embodies the palpably great vibe and sharpness/ excellence of them live, as we know Bill Stevenson is the fukin’ MAN! (they’re all fantastic tho, etc) a must. . #descendents  #liveage  #milogoestocollege  #billstevenson  #punk  #poppunk  #nethrock 

thanks to The Deli Magazine for this acute shout out!! :) come thru 7.22 >>>> "Brooklyn’s Netherlands - Band make the type of sludge rock we deserve in 2019—dark, synthbass heavy post-punk that confronts the consumerist elements of a society we all complain about...from their gripes with excessive baby pics on social media (“NEGATIVE LIKES”) to the miasma of existence (“DEATHLESS”), their most recent EP HOPE PORN charts resonant lyrics for a pessimistic 21st Century mindset, all sung against the trudge of subwoofer-destroying electric instrumentation. It’s a maximalist reaction to our world, a sharp rebuke of the idea that things will get better, offering an insightful catharsis in its full-throated scream into the void. Rage on, and catch their sound at ALPHAVILLE. on July 22nd, supporting Throwaway and Dead Tenants -Connor Beckett McInerney

Save the date for this sure-to-be scorching evening of noise/punk/performance/skronk/radness with THROWAWAY as well as our friends the local killers DEAD TENANTS . #nethrock  #throwawayband  #deadtenants  #alphavillebk 

TONIEEEIGGGHHT!!! (sat 7.13) ❤️BALTIMORE PEEPS!! @nethrock  is comin thru!! *with the always amazing Period BOMB and a slew of other fantastic artists!! SEE UUUUTHERRRE ♥ #nethrock  at The CopyCat Building 1501 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21202

NETHROCK 2018… photo by Nathan West (@nathanwestphoto ) . #nethrock 

NETHROCK 2019... photo by John Huntington (@jhuntingtonnyc ) . #nethrock 

BALTIMORE PEEPS!! @nethrock  is comin THIS SATURDAY (7.13) with the always amazing Period BOMB and a slew of other fantastic artists!! Tell a friend!! BEEE THERRRE <3 #nethrock  at The CopyCat Building 1501 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21202