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Morning! 🇮🇹

Bear at work #takenbyPaul 

I’ve always been a fan of @DavidBowie.  Not only was he such a talented and inspiring musician, I was also lucky enough to call him a friend and even have him as a customer. One day there was a young man in my Covent Garden shop buying his first suit, he emerged from the changing room a little sheepish and was looking in the mirror. Someone came out of the other changing room and commented on how good he looked in the suit, he turned around and he was obviously very shocked to find it was David Bowie paying him the compliment!. He was an out of this world personality but a very human one too. For the re-release of 'Space Oddity' I worked with David's estate on a limited edition vinyl. The vinyl itself is also really colourful, head to @paulsmithdesign  to find out more, I hope you like it. #takenbyPaul 

Italian street market #takenbyPaul 

Big Italian Storm #takenbyPaul 

Amazing roses #takenbyPaul 

Early morning swim #takenbyPaul 

This years @serpentineuk  pavilion in Hyde Park by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami. #takenbyPaul 

Enjoying my birthday in my studio! #takenbyPaul 

Materialistic #takenbyPaul 

Some of the other rabbits Pauline has given me over the years. #takenbyPaul