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- Paul Smith   Here's my own photos. Stay up-to-date with everything else happening in the world of Paul Smith @paulsmithdesign.

Popped in to see a friend at @photolondonfair.  #takenbyPaul 

A pile of cars. #takenbyPaul 

Spells for sale. #takenbyPaul 

A wonderful evening with excellent company. One person in particular @johnlegend  #takenbyPaul 

In my garden. #takenbyPaul 

Wedding or birthday? #takenbyPaul 

Cover your ears, balloon popping imminent! #takenbyPaul 

What a delicious bunch of flowers! Merci beaucoup Poilâne #takenbyPaul 

Travelling through space and time at the fantastic Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Design Museum #takenbyPaul 

A trip down memory lane #takenbyPaul