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Argentina has welcomed me with open arms 💛

painting the town red with red vino, red peppers, & red steaks. #godawgs 

Our waiter tonight gave me a rose and told Shmicky he's a very lucky man. Better pick up ya game before I'm whisked away by an Argentino 🌹

Meat & Wine all night !!🍷🇦🇷🍷🇦🇷😅❤️🇦🇷Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cena de cumpleaños, restaurante El Calden

Almoço na incrível parrilla de @caldendelsoho , a melhor carne de Buenos Aires, até o momento!

Mais uma pra conta 💕✈️ #argentina  #frio  #melhorcia  #amorzinho 

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#almuercitocumpleañero  Gracias Lucre !!! 😘

Obligatory first meal of the trip picture

Bife de chorizo maripoza

La dieta...

7 days as roommates and we didn't kill each other, I would call that a miracle. Now hopefully I say that about my field roommate #jcrewinargentina  #assholesgetalong 

Pra fechar.

Jantar #argentina  #luademel 

Delícia de almoço!

Best steak ever #buenosaires  #argentina  #palermoviejo 

Encontro com PATRICIA VEBER, minha parceira de produção na novela Chiquititas em Buenos Aires! O carinho e a amizade continuam!

Un vino y frio

...e começando a estadia com um bom vinho argentino!

Hoje o frio quase me matou... aff !!!

Last meal of the trip. We've each eaten a whole cow's worth of steak at this point.

Cabernet sauvignon!!!

Adios Buenos Aires :(

Reserva del fin del mundo

Last meal in Argentina... I loved the steak, empanadas, and siestas after lunch but most of all I'll miss the wine. #malbec  #argentina