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We loved #golfandguitars  ❤️ Thank u @1051knci  🎉

You are currently biting up tiny pieces of orange to feed to Indi to keep her happy while we wait for our delayed flight. You are always patient and ready to do anything for a laugh ! You are intentional, attentive and loving and seeing you become a dad has been one of my favorite things ! Happy Father’s Day @bryantorwalt  💚

Good Monday! #deltawork 

Red eye with old buddy @tjwilson711  #スタンピードキッド 

Just arrived in Sacramento for the @gisofcomedy  shows this weekend at @beale9fss / @bealeafb  & @travisafb.  I have a pack strapped to my back and one strapped to my front. One guess at what I’m thinking right now. Keep in mind I’ve had a wicked case of food poisoning for 3 days now. Annnnnnnnd, go.

Some lady just walked up to me and handed me this, smiled and walked away. 🤔 lol

CA✈AK my babies first time flying 😊 summer in Alaska with daddy 😍

This mother/daughter duo is taking off to VEGAS on Spirits First non-stop flight! They won a free round trip and hotel this morning during Spirit’s giveaway. Congratulations to @lauren.simin  who’ll be celebrating her 21st birthday with her mom in Vegas this weekend!!! The airline is the newest company to set up shop at Sac International Airport!

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On our way... #SDCC . At first it was just gonna be me and #TheHooligans  but then there's Hooligan # 3 AKA The Wildcard. I enlisted my sister and SIL. Thoughts and prayers please. #SDCC19  #SDCC50 

“Dad, check out all these buttons!!” #GavinBernard  #McCargo2018  #FirstFlight  #southwestairlines  #Traveling  #Californication 

Sacramento - City of Trees 🌲 ❤️ 🌳 (Dan Farber - Take Me High) #sacramento 

제가 살면서 갑부촌 아스펜에 갑니다! ✈️ 🎵🎶🚗🇺🇸🤳🏻🎼🎹🎻🔜📸 See u Soon! 동네 공항이 작아 10분만에 체크인하고 들어옴 - Going to @aspenmusicfest 

Off to Mexico!! #25yearanniversarycruise  ❤️

После отдыха в Молдове, не мог найти выход из ресторана так и состарился )

I’ve been living in this space recently - only one life to FILL with everything I am called to do, be, accomplish and experience... On my way to FL to fill my soul with the energy of hope-dealers and world changers...On my way to take one more step in my journey to inspire others for a living... Feeling BLESSED to have this ONE INCREDIBLE LIFE!! #optimaltransformation  #wellnesscoachelkgrove  #skinnybranches  #hopedealer 

Now I'm the last cowboy in this town, empty veins and my plastic broken crown, said I swam the sea you ran around, said I once was lost, but now I'm truly found. . . #latenight  #foals  #ihavethebestmusic  #bestmakeup  #midtwenties  #fitaf  #traveling 

#whereamIgoing ????🤨🧐🧐😏

We made it!

I am so unbelievably proud of my wife, Shari. I know she will complete many goals and gain a great amount of experience in her first deployment overseas. She will add yet another notch in an already fulfilling career and life. Love you and miss you already. 😘

violently purple enough? @potterlesspodcast 

Don’t come looking, you won’t ever find me at your front door again 😌✌️❤️

A Girl's Best Friend...and a can of water 🤣🤣 Made it through security!!

My baby. Flying to Denver.

Let’s do this . #sandiegobound 

When your flight is delayed...drink!

San Diego here I come 😎

you can’t buy happiness... but you CAN buy a plane ticket to tahoe and that’s pretty much the same thing🤷🏼‍♀️

Flashback to UE in SMF with our Starbucks Ops Manager Cody! #hmshostshoutout 

Interesting carpet pattern on the pedestrian bridge between SMF terminal and the parking garage. #sacramentointernationalairport  #smf  #pedestrianbridge  #bridge  #sacramentoriver  #farming  #aerialview 

Celebrating 23 years at home with my girl 🐶❤️

What to do with lots of vintage luggage? Make a sculpture, of course! Sacramento International Airport at the baggage claim carousels. #sac  #sacramentointernationalairport  #luggage  #baggage  #suitcases  #suitcase  #vintage  #sculpture  #industrialart  #airportart