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Polished and applied a net shield sealant..quick time lapse showing the polishing process, swipe right to see the finished product 😊

Who loves bikes as much as we love cleaning them!! Summer brings in a lot of really neat builds! @al.mcquarrie 

Swipe right to see the afters of @kyle_burt6  sweet 6.4!

9 month ceramic on this Escalade #carpro #22s 

This car was covered in makeup 💄 😰 swipe over for the after pics 😎😄💃🏻

Light cut and polish on @z_kimball  new whip!!! #duramax #black #40kmiles #mint 

If you look closely, you'll notice that its at the car wash, where I spend 90% of my summertime #chloeplug  <- she does great fucking work

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Wagner doin' it like a fucking champ

Just loaded up my new 1987-88 kawasaki kx125 #dirtmagazine  #dirtbike  #2stroke  #kawasaki  thanks @cliff