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#KevinOwens  has a message for @shanemcmahonwwe  and @heelziggler  heading into #ExtremeRules . Will Kevin really be in #Philadelphia ?? #WWEPetersburg 

Sheeesh where do I start... If some you dont know I came to Virginia State for track. Thats all I had my mind on at the time. But God had so much in store for me, who would’ve known. 🤷🏾‍♂️ I went through endless trials and tribulations to say that I am now and EDUCATED BLACK MAN. 👨🏾‍🎓 This is just the start of the journey, I wonder what else God has in store. Resume check - Kings Dominion Warehouse Team Lead✅ Virginia Department of Transportation- Enterprise Architect✅ NASCAR Richmond Raceway- Marketing Team✅ VSU Multi-purpose center- operations✅ VSU Career service Ambassador✅ VSU Engineering & Technology Peer mentor ✅ First Apartment ✅ First car✅ VP of the Beta Gamma Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. ✅ Etc... Bachelor of Science- Information Logistics Technology 🎓🙏🏾 #Vsu  #classof2019  #alphaphialpha  #blackexcellence  #hbcugrad  Photocred- @_thewise 

1 more week 🎓 #Degreemeplease  📸 

Your grace, Valerie-francine First of her name Presidential Scholar First-generation college student B.S in Biology Manga Cum Laude Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Kerojo Modeling Agency Ltd. Project knowledge STAR Supplemental Instruction Peer Leader Beta Kappa Chi Honors Society 18-19’ Outreach Chair of the the Minority Assoc. of Pre-Health Students @nersabackstrom  behind the lens

JTCC -> @vt_engineering  Excited to be continuing my studies at Virginia Tech pursuing an Aerospace Engineering degree.

It’s been a long, hard road but my sisters and I made it. So thankful that Zeta chose me 💙 they freed the 14!!! #tailclub  #zphib 

To my beautiful V.S.U, thank you for the years of growth, lessons and memories. My path was longer and harder than others, but by the grace of God I made it. 📸: @cre8ivedre.  #vsugrad  #vsugrad2k19 

Vsu 21 WE ARE JUNIORS !! As my reign comes to and end we are still far from the finish! 4 more semesters, May 2021 we will be graduates of VIRGINIA STATE UNIVERSITY! I wanna thank my class, the best class for sticking with me and pushing me this long. I love you guys so much #VSU21  Huge shoutout to my queen @lucinderella__  for bein in my corner, we made a great team! Forever grateful for you

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Y’all gonna be there?👀

See you in August 🔸 #23  #Flatbush 

YNE PRESENTS WELCOME TO THE PARTY‼️‼️‼️‼️ MAKE THIS ACTIVE🥴 ‼️ EVERYONE POP OUT AFTER MANHUNT🗣‼️ LETS START THE YEAR OFF RIGHT AND GET LIT WITH YNE AND YOUR HOST @littlebadtrinigyal  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION PLEASE REACH OUT TO YOUR HOST @littlebadtrinigyal  & CO HOSTS @ahjxoxx  @littlebadtrinigyal  @whitneymars_  @ladybugniyah  @iamimanijadee  #vsu23  #vsu22  #vsu21  #welcometotheparty  #virginiastateuniversity🔶🔷  #ykdv  #hbcu 

What’s the SCOOP VSU!?!!! It’s #TotallyTrojanTuesday  on our beautiful The Virginia State University campus!!!! •We would like to congratulate the welcoming class of #vsu19  #vsu20  and wish you all the best during the Fall Semester!!!! We hope you all are ready to exceed all your ambitions are y’all registered to Vote 🗳? Comment below for a chance to be added to our upcoming #VoiceOfThePeople  broadcast for Elections #VSUsupportVSU  #Hailstate  #TrojansBuildingABetterWorld  #Democrats  #IndependentParty  #Reform  #YourVoiceMatters  #VSU  #VSUTrojans  #VCU  #HBCUMatters  #PoliticalScience  #KnowledgeisPower 

At the land of Troy 💙🧡 #jordanyear 

VSU 🏁🏁

“wait, what school you going to?”

i’m tired as hell man but i love my hbcu 🥴

Too laid back for the animosity ❤️🦍 #co23  #vsu23 

i$$a weirdo

This is a day that will forever mark my career! . I spoke to a room full of African American Men with special needs, and had the opportunity to sit down with all of their parents. . And the big Aha for me was... even though some have been classified as #ADD  #ADHD , Special, or labeled having Autism, they still have an assignment in life . . As leaders, parents, teachers, and mentors we have an awesome opportunity to come into their world and see things through their lens. . Labels and classifications shouldn’t stop their quality of life, and the resources we give to them and their parents shouldn’t stop as well. . Thank you #ImDetermined  #MoveSummit  and Virginia Department of Education for serving these young men and their parents. . #keynotespeaker  #motivationalspeaker  #conferencespeaker  #youthspeaker  #conferencespeaker  #stemspeaker  #schoolassemblyspeaker  #stemed  #stemschool  #kantissimmons 

Me and my husband on our way to an all white adult party earlier.

Saw you strollin’ through the campus, I had to stop for ya 🤤

This what happen when your mans get a room to himself 😂😂

I don’t need a stylist I got a list Of styles 🤑

This jawn got me weak😭 shoutout to @its_jhodges 

If you’re on this list your roommate is looking for you‼️

TIP session 3 is in effect! We are excited to see the families and future trojans in attendance. Be sure to ask your TIP leaders any questions you might have while here. If you are an admitted student and have not attended Orientation yet, but sure to go register online for the next session or contact @vsu_tod.  🔹️🔸️🔹️🔸️ Post your pictures and Tag us showing us which squad was the best! #VSU  #VSU23  #VSUTransforms  #TIPSESSION3  #JordanYear 

The Game of Life is no game! 2019 MOVE youth and parents practice money management and life decisions.