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modeled today because I’m photogenic and thin! thank you @susan_alexandra  for the opportunity #nyfw  #tipyourservers 

Very verklempt at the moment reflecting on my show yesterday. The concept was to create a sparkling place where you felt welcomed, safe, joyous and loved! We held the show at a my neighborhood beloved deli @bazbagel  and plied the guests with pink milkshakes, bagels and black and white cookies. The brilliant models sang a rousing rendition of “Downtown” with custom lyrics. The lox and whitefish cases were brimming with beaded bags. Inclusivity + FOOD +supporting small local businesses + working ONLY with people who i adore. An absolute dream.💖💖💖 OH and might I add, @_steakdiane_  invented and conceptualized our singing waitress on cigg break lewk, and made every single LEWK including the tiny waitress head pieces! 💖💖💖 and my beloved @murnewyork  wrote and choreographed the entire ensemble 💖💖💖

Queer people of faith are often asked to compromise. In my experience a lot of queer spaces carry an inherent (+ well deserved) distrust of religion. I also struggle in traditionally Jewish spaces because those spaces, no matter how progressive, were usually built with straight people in mind. _ For every single Jewish person in the world there exists a unique way of being Jewish. As of April 2018 there were an estimated 14.5M living Jewish people in the world each with a different background, ethnicity, identity, sexuality and experiences. They are linked by a common thread of Jewishness but Jewish culture will mean something different to each of them. _ I am a proud product of a very specific Jewish American culture. From 1870-1900 there was a Great Wave of Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe which included my great grandparents who fled the pogroms (state sanctioned anti-jewish violence). This wave brought 2.5M people into NYC and created a distinct culture that include a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” attitude, the LES, bagels + lox and deli meat. _ I walked into Susan Alexandra’s show and was met with my 2 cultures minging, thriving and taking selfies. @hunterabrams  @_steakdiane_  in f drag offered me a platter of bagels and lox. One of the models stood up, welcomed us, voiced his unwavering support of trans community then started singing “You have seen her in Vogue and now ur here at her show with all the gays their hags- DOWNTOWN”. The tune was familiar and it hit me- the song was “Downtown” from Little Shop of Horrors written by my hero Howard Ashman. Howard is best known for writing the Oscar winning lyrics to Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid. Howard, a queer Jew who loved New York, died of AIDS in 1991 before he could accept his second Oscar. _ I took a step back and looked around. Susan’s bags and her guests were shiny, pastel and glittering. A group of drag queens were singing on the counter of a Jewish owned bagel shop a song by my queer Jewish hero. I turned and found myself face to face with a hung portrait of Barbra Streisand. After a 28 years of being queer and Jewish I had found a place where I didn’t have to compromise

this town...✨✨✨thank u @susan_alexandra  for a magical afternoon in the greatest place on earth! #nyfw2019 

Beaded accessories: part of a balanced breakfast 🍒 as seen at designer @susan_alexandra ’s first-ever #NYFW  presentation

Hi it’s @harlingross  and I’m taking over Man Repeller’s Instagram today for fashion week! First stop: the @susan_alexandra  presentation where bags and lox > bagels and lox but you don’t even have to choose.

Every fiber of my being wanted to hate this rainbow bagel w blueberry cream cheese. But truth be told it was effing delicious. Couldn’t put it down delicious. I always say there are no guilty pleasures, just pleasures- but this one makes me cringe a little.

If all fashion was this fun and all bags looked like citrus, I’d be really into fashion and own a million bags. Congratulations @susan_alexandra , you’re a star ✨🍊👜✨

재방 보며 뉴욕 추억 소환ㅎ 엄청 크지만 민망함에 흡입한 뉴욕 베이글 🥯 앤드 심정수씨. 담엔 영자언니께서 눈여겨 보신 핑크 베이글 먹어야지 😝💕

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Last meal of our girl's weekend was a good one! Thanks @bazbagel  for helping us keep the good times going! Not pictured are the potato latkes that we devoured as soon as they were placed in front of us!!! #breakfastofchampions  #nycbagels  #girlsweekend  #wishtheweekendwasntover 

Man skulle tro at min lokale bagel joint vidste at jeg var gravid... #GiantCornichon  #PreggoCravings  #GoodbyeSkiveost  #HelloCreamcheese