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Brent Staples of the @Nytimes  editorial board won the Pulitzer Prize for his editorial writing on racial injustice in the United States. “If you think slavery is far away, it’s not far away,” he said and quoted Maya Angelou: “I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise.”

The red stairs in the middle of the @nytimes  newsroom take on an almost regal quality once a year on Pulitzer day. Endlessly in awe of my colleagues.

@nytimes  BEIRUT Selim Mouzannar has created modern pieces in the Falamenk Ottoman style, using high-quality stones that need no silver underneath to glimmer. “No tricks,” The rose-cut gems are “less aggressive, more humble,” he added, than the bright look of contemporary faceted stones. The style, in diamonds as well as pastel gems like morganite, aquamarine , has become his signature in Beirut and abroad. The city is a long parapet on the Mediterranean, with an Ottoman past and the Roaring Twenties carved into the architecture, the echoes of outmoded balls with jasmine and orange scents the conviviality of a sun-kissed city that embraces all cultures and transforms them into vital. New York Times

With the debut of her fashion line, @Fenty , created in partnership with @LVMH , Rihanna becomes the first black woman in charge of a French luxury fashion house, and the first woman of color to helm an LVMH maison. The line, which will be sold exclusively online beginning May 29, will be the first brand created from scratch by LVMH. @tmagazine  has the exclusive first look at the new collection, plus a wide-ranging interview by the playwright @JeremyOHarris , with news on Rihanna's new album, the importance of this collaboration, and what she's doing next—up now at Photographed by @KristinLeeMoolman , styled by @SuzanneKoller.  #fenty  #rihanna 


The moment you are summoned to sing happy bday at @theviewabc  in NYC by your label head @iamkeithwilliams  😏😏😏. He knows I hate impromptu 😡😡😡😡

Loved joining the @nytimes  for Working on Wellness yesterday with this rockstar panel of entrepreneurs. @robinberzinmd  of @parsleyhealth , @hannahbronfman  of @hbfit , @ari_nyt  of the @nytimes , and @ericachidicohen  of @thisisloom.  We talked all things luteal phase to the industrialization of food, permission to feel and be a whole person to the simple, meditative quality of cooking for yourself. #iamwellandgood  #wellandgoodcookbook  #womeninwellness  #entrepreneurlife  #wellness 

took a quick-turnaround trip to join AAJA Executive Leadership Program alumni reception and ran into half of my leadership team 👊🏻🔥💯👏🏻 (Ramy had just left before this photo, hence the headshot cameo lol)

Today’s story. Memories from this week: the deja-vu horror at the scope of allegations. The sprint to learn as much as possible, as carefully as possible. The satisfaction of uncovering new information. The joy of being back at, and in the paper, after book leave. My ritual, whenever I have a Sunday story, of going to a deli on a Saturday night to see the first stack of papers. Gratitude for the teamwork of Mike McIntire, Vanessa Friedman, @sarahmaslinnir , @jacobbernsteinnyc , Dennis Overbye, and always always @rlc0108 , @mega2e  and Rory Tolan. And thank you to @chelseahandler , who made me laugh amid the tears over the horror of the Epstein situation.

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NEW YORK TIMES / Mundos Alternos "Glexis Novoa draws dreamy cities on marble panels with graphite, also adorning the museum’s walls with site-specific doodles worth looking out for..."

Había que empezar a robar con fotos de NY

Sooo... since this last plant had to heal itself after I dropped the fan in it 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ it’s slowed up the flowering time! Well it stopped flowering to heal itself! #PlantLife  🤷🏽‍♂️ but that means the flowering time has been changed! Which left me with this slight problem lol. Have to air dry using a cardboard box.. a tip I got from my #PotatoFamily  🤙🏾 they wasn’t satisfied with seeing me hang dry under my lights while this last plant finish flowering 😂😂😂 they was not having that shit!! Lol so I did what I had to do 😅😂🤷🏽‍♂️ #LetsGrow  #GrowYourOwn  #GrowAtHome  #HomeGrown  #ClosetGrow  #HarvestTime  #FloweringStage  #HealingPlant  #SweetSeeds  #LemonKush  #BagBean  #ElectiricKoolaid  #HangDry  #AirDry  #BoxDrying  #CardboardBoxDry  #GetItHowYouLive😂  #TrailAndError  #HandsOn  #BeastCoast 

Love the ordinary

The moment when u realize what $15/mo can buy #thenewyorktimes 

Light + magic + vaguely radioactive pulsating glow, all conjured by the singular @kathyryan  of @nytmag. 

I've had so much fun curating the first ever set of illustrations for sale in The New York Times Store @nytimesstore , in collaboration with former Parsons classmate and friend @ednacional , who is now the Store's Creative Director. Take a look at the current collection at and head on over to @nytimesstore  for a contest we are running right now to win an illustration for your wall! ✨ Thanks so much to all the incredible illustrators who are part of this growing collection: Alexis Beauclair @alexis.beauclair ⁣⁣ ​​Ben Wiseman @bmwiseman ⁣⁣ ​​Cannaday Chapman @cannadaychapman ⁣⁣ ​​Dadu Shin @dadushin ⁣⁣ ​​Eiko Ojala @o_eiko ⁣⁣ ​​Eleanor Davis @squinkyelo ⁣⁣ ​​Eleni Kalorkoti @elenikalorkoti ⁣⁣ ​​Enzo Peres-Labourdette @enzopereslabourdette ⁣⁣ ​​Hvass & Hannibal @hvasshannibal ⁣⁣ ​​Jon Han @jonwrhan ⁣⁣ ​​Josh Cochran @joshcochran ⁣⁣ ​​Kaye Blegvad @kayeblegvad ⁣⁣ ​​Keetra Dean Dixon @keetradeandixon , ⁣⁣ ​​Mike McQuade @mikemcquade ⁣⁣ ​​Nicole Natri @nicole_natri ⁣⁣ ​​Olimpia Zagnoli @olimpiazagnoli ⁣⁣ ​​Ping Zhu @pingszoo ⁣⁣ ​​Tucker Nichols @tuckernichols ⁣⁣ ​​Vincent Mahe @vincentillustrator ⁣⁣ ​​Yann Kebbi @yannkebbi 

The Peach House made the @nytimes ! Cheers to homegirl @ty_haney  for sharing the 🧡 we hope you feel too in Sunday’s kickass “Like A Boss“ feature. We love being a part of your endorphin-boosting routine and #doingthings  together to promote our community’s positive self-image! Couldn’t be happier or more honored to support you in taking time for your own #selfcare  during your hectic weeks so you can keep inspiring all of us. #LikeaBoss  indeed. You’re a 🌟 mama, see you #Friday ! #7am  💪🏼 . Check out the Business section of this Sunday’s Times (7.14.19) to read all about the monumental #doingthings  movement this #bossbabe  and her incredible team @outdoorvoices  are championing and get out there and M🍑VE! . . #community  #newyorktimes  #doingthingsforselfcare  #thepeachhouse  #outdoorvoices  #tylerhaney  #pilates  #nytimesbusiness  #selfcare  #sweatyselfcare  #atx  #austinpilates  #austinfitness  @marielobrien  @vadajewelry  #vadajewelry  #supportsmallbusiness  #supportlocalbusiness  #entrepreneur  #femaleentrepreneur  #womenentrepreneurs  #thepeachhouseatx  #pilatesatx  #pilatesreformer  #keepaustinfit 

Selfie from the best place on earth right outside the #portauthority  #nyc  @burr1120  @egosseason5  #comedy  #actorslife  #jackiegleason 

Remembering when “spider man” climbed the facade of this building straight up to he top.

Thank you @nytimes  and @mrichtel  in raising awareness about worldwide antibiotic resistance for UTIs. There is an alternative. 2 MILLION women are taking natural supplements containing D-Mannose to prevent and treat UTIs. Check out @goodbye_uti  to learn more. Don’t play the “waiting room game”! 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 #goodbye  #uti  #nytimes  #newyorktimes  #womenshealthmag  #womenshealth  #health  #womenshealthmatters  #waitingroom  #doctor  #motivation  #mondaymotivation  #monday  #motivationmonday  #urinarytractinfection  #urinarytracthealth  #infection  #prevention  #dmannose  #vaginalhealth  #pharmacist  #womensupportingwomen  #amazonprimeday  #primeday  #naturalremedy  #sugar  #naturalsugar  #naturalsupplements  #antibiotics  #womendoctors 

#NewYorkSeries . Monday is a State of Mind. A new week to set new goals and crush them. It was never a dull moment in NYC. 💛📰🚖🗞 . . . #NYTaxi  #nytimes  #cityvibes  #yellowcab  #SummerDays  #NYblogger  #nyny  #newyorktimesbuilding  #igdaily  #mondays 

You can now purchase my tiger illustration in the official @nytimesstore ! There’s also a giveaway going on so head over to their account to participate! 🏆

A portrait of David Breslin (@davidcbreslin  ), the director of the collection at the @whitneymuseum  the American conceptual artist #MarthaRosler  Kelly Taxter (@kellytaxter  ), a curator of contemporary art at @thejewishmuseum  the Thai conceptual artist #RirkritTiravanija (@freedomcannotbesimulated  ) and the American painter #toreythornton  for @tmagazine  .

For our newest online-only feature, we asked two curators (the @whitneymuseum 's @DavidCBreslin  @thejewishmuseum 's @KellyTaxter ) and three artists (#RirkritTiravanija  [@freedomcannotbesimulated ] #ToreyThornton  and #MarthaRosler ) to try to compile a list of the 25 artworks that define the contemporary age (note: not THE BEST contemporary artworks, whatever that means). The works the group decided on are revelatory, surprising, provocative, and were a source of great internal discussion and debate amongst the @tmagazine  staff. But as @Thessaly  (who wrangled this whole project) notes, "Had this meeting happened on a different day, with a different group, the results would have been different." What was most interesting, given the members' very different sensibilities, was how much consensus there was. Before the panel was convened, Thessaly asked everyone to submit a list of 10 works they wanted to nominate: works by #DavidHammons , #ArthurJafa , and #CadyNoland  all appeared on multiple lists, as did the one near-unanimous pick (and one of my all-time favorite—if such a thing can be said—works of art), #FelixGonzalezTorres ' "Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.)," 1991. Here's another of the pieces on the list, #HejiShin 's "Baby 15," 2017. Up now at #tmagazine 

"In a basement three floors underground, next to The New York Times’s headquarters, steel filing cabinets hold about six million photographs.⁠ ⁠ These images are part of The Times’s morgue, a 600,000-pound archive of pictures, newspaper clippings, encyclopedias and books — so heavy the collection needs a floor strong enough to handle the weight. Many of the pictures ran in The Times between the late 19th and 20th centuries.⁠ ⁠ “Our first photo was published in 1896, which means we have a visual record of the entire 20th century of life in this country and beyond it,” said Monica Drake, an assistant managing editor at The Times. " (via @nytimes )⁠ ⁠ Thank you to @kaitlynchphotography  for a glimpse inside this legendary archive.⁠ #SoNYT  #NYC ⁠ ⁠

“I love it when a woman ain’t scared to do her thing” 🏁 > #aroundthewaygirl  #dreambig  💼

These balenciaga runners I’m check chasing chibata my pockets stay looking Gucci I’m making my moma Prada @nickiminaj  #megatronchallenge  #megatron  @theprincessrichie