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Loved how @xcrystalng  did my makeup today so here’s another pic! Day one of the playoffs is done - grand final tomorrow! #IEM  #CSGO 

Had a fun time playing in the showmatch yesterday and have had a great time here at #IEM  Chicago so far! Thanks for all the love ❤️

@jlo  llegamos in case you need back up dancers. On a whim this morning, checked on tickets for tonight’s show, got some awesome ones for $60 and Amelia gets to see her first superstar concert from the Queen of the Bronx #jennyfromtheblock  #chicago  #puertorico 

Fun new project coming in just a couple months! Can yell “go hawks go” with a @thislittlegoat  taco in hand ) or dance the night away with Cher while eating a tasty empanada! This Little Goat went to the Taqueria is coming to the @unitedcenter  later this summer! Also celebrating the fun, bright & happy new look of the sauces & spices!

Oi turn up the volume on your phones please when you check this post....had my changing room PUMPING WITH GRIME RUDE BWOOOOOOY #EASTLONDON  #THEDENTIST  #toplesstengz 

A Team Liquid venceu a ENCE eSports e é a campeã do IEM Chicago 2019, torneio de CS:GO. A grande final da competição aconteceu neste domingo (21) e os americanos venceram por 3-0. Além de vencer em casa, a Liquid faturou o prêmio de US$ 125 mil (cerca de R$ 468). Pouca coisa, né? 😜#intelpelapartidaperfeita  #intelextrememasters  #iemchicago2019 

#SummertimeChi  with @alalagos  at the #windycitysmokeout . Saw a lot of great people, heard my college classmates play (@eliyoungband ) and even had @saltlickbbq.  Sometimes home comes to your new home.

Caught in the action. 😎📸: @tylerjconrad 

🤠 @cowboycerrone  says it’s not as bad as it looked #UFC238  • • • 📸 @jerrytlai  – @imagncontent 

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Mais uma cobertura pelo @versusesports  ❤️ Foto pelo mara @vinifluyr  #IEMChicago  #CSGO  #MIBR 

We dominated Chicago just like @teamliquid  dominated @enceesports  , IEM Chicago 2019 was a blast and I cant wait to come back next year!

#IEM  was a absolute blast of a time! I’m so glad I got to meet and get a picture with the man, the myth, the Legend, @n0thing 

Conference de presse avec l'equipe gagnante de l' #iemchicago2019  #iem  : l'invincible @teamliquid  . Vlog de @andre_peloquin  sur son expérience à venir sur @pesesurstart 

Had a great time at #IEM  watching @teamliquid  open a can of whoop ass. #gaming  #csgo  #teamliquid  #chicago  #esports  #intel 

I GOT TO MEET @nbk_csgo  And @teamvitality  you guys did amazing! I also got to meet @getfrankgames  Thank you for the amazing interview! 😂😂 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #nbkcsgo  #teamvitalitycsgo  #iem  #iemchicago2019  #eslcsgo 

That’s a wrap for IEM Chicago. So much energy and passion!! If you want to compete yourself, come check out GGLeagues #esports  #ggleagues  #chicago  #chicagogaming  #intelextrememasters 

Congratulations Team Liquid on that fantastic 3-0 win! That was well played and well deserved. I was so honored to meet all of them 😁especially @stew2k  ❤️ that was my first csgo event! Can't wait to see you guys win a major!! ❤️😄 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @teamliquid  #iem  #iemchicago2019  #teamliquid  #csgo 

I planned on sitting next to the post office for my first post here on Instagram, but then I went to IEM Chicago

Bought this hoodie last week and went from 0 to Liquid fan real fast

Well, IEM Chicago 2019 was pretty rad. The fans are something else, really. Thanks for letting me help you folks along. Until next time 🤘🏻 #iem  #iemchicago  #iemchicago2019  #teamliquid  #shutout  #clutch  #chicago  #esl  #getit  #confetti  #sweep  #thundersticks  #ezclap 

THAT’S A WRAP #IEM  #GamerGirl 

@teamliquid  with the W! I could only sneak two selfies but I’m extremely happy 😊😊

Didn’t get to see Frankie this time, but still had a good time #IEM 

Let's go Liquid with the 6th straight tournament win. Always helping me stay hydrated in the near 100 degree weather.

tb to when she had her hair down 🥵 do y’all think she will do any new hairstyles during the european leg? #arianagrande 

I got to meet my favorite North American CSGO player while I was in Chicago this year! @n0thing  is one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met as well, mad respect to him as well! first part of my trip to Chicago 2019 more posts to come.

Congrats to my homie @twistzzcs  for another first place victory here at IEM Chicago!

Your champions, @teamliquid  at #iemchicago 

That’s it for #IEM  Chicago! Felt quite emotional after the winner’s interview with @stew2k  - it’s been amazing watching @teamliquid  come into their own over the past few months. It’s my last CSGO event for a while as I’m not doing the Minors/Major and there’s a player break. I shall miss it so much. Watch out for some CS streams on my Twitch Channel (/Frankie) in August. Thanks for the ❤️ and support. I can’t believe I get to do something I watched other people I admire and respect doing - it’s beyond anything I imagined. Thank: to @eslcs  - and thank you Chicago, you’re amazing. 📸 @codyhebner 

I can't begin to describe how hype the atmosphere of #iemchicago2019  was, @eslgaming  knows how to throw an event

Let’s go @teamliquid  #liquidtfup 

The past four days have been fun! #ELS  Video game tournament! @mayofilm  📸