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Siena, 2019.

Strollin around in @aperolspritzofficial  colors... 🇮🇹 #italy 

What an incredible trip of learning, laughter and memories we had together! My sister, Robin, and I went to visit Lois Kate in Italy. She is studying there for 6 weeks in Siena! Robin and I tackled Rome alone and then met up with LK to do Siena (my favorite), Cinque Terra and Florence! Good to be home but enjoyed the history and beauty of Italy, especially Tuscany! My fave word: Arrivederci!! (Not that I wanted to say goodbye, but love saying the word 🇮🇹🥰)

Meanwhile in Siena, Michelle is looking super chic in our Mira Polka Dot Dress... #onSALEnow  #LMFgirlsONholiday  @mmjmichelle 

all is good and well 😁

Happy wedding anniversary, amor mío @jet_lagged_  Que sean muchos muchos muchos años más a tu lado. I can’t wait to start this new chapter in our lives as parents. The idea of starting our own little family makes my heart smile 😊 I love you mi capullo! . . . P.S. Our anniversary was yesterday but we decided to stay away from any distraction (specially IG) and enjoy each other as much as possible 😉😊 . . #weddinganniversary  #bettertogether  #mybestfriend  #mybetterhalf 

Was another day of eating 🥩🍝😜

Might be back but my pictures aren’t 🤪 💫

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Continuo a chiedermi il perché? Tu fai il Mario Bross e sei Yoshi Fanculo a te e quel bambino che fa gossip Oo ok, ok, ok, ok, ok Drammi prendono alle spalle E continuo a chiedermi il perché?!?

Beauty and ugly hand In hand!

👈🏼👈🏼 @paulodybala 

Don't know what kinds of cellos they've been seeing... 😂

Dagens udflugt 🧗🏽‍♀️ Først besøgte vi Populonia, som far var cyklet helt op til om morgen 🚵🏼‍♂️ Seje far!! For det gik satme op af bakke!! Så kørte vi til Siena og så masser flotte bygninger og fik gået op og ned af de meget stejle gader! Det må ku mærkes i morgen! #holiday  #ferie  #udflugt  #populonia  #tower  #siena  #zebrakirken  #flottebygninger  #mad  #food  #family  #familie  #me  #myfamily  #italy 

Tralasciando il fake rossetto, dalla foto sembra quasi che ci vogliamo bene🙄 #chiaruuuuzza  #loveu 

♟Apuesta por mí, recoge la pasta♟

Azzurro Il pomeriggio è troppo azzurro E lungo per me 👄

Siena 💗 Today we went to a cooking class. Highly recommended family outing in Italy. We made bruschetta, home made pasta, chicken with a wine sauce and a panna cotta. Loved watching the kids doing pasta dough. We learnt and had fun! Weird fact.. 8 out of 10 in the class live in Chicago..