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Road food is brain food.

Your boys are back! Lansing, MI tonight at The Loft!⁣ ⁣⁣ Tomorrow: Des Moines, IA at Lefty’s⁣⁣ Saturday: Oshkosh, WI at ROCK USA⁣⁣ Sunday: Columbus, OH at Skully’s (SOLD OUT) ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Last minute tickets at⁣ ⁣ Pic by @larrywentworth 

hi guys, new music tonight, new album in 3 weeks, ok bye guys

hot girl summer #2020  edition

LANSING, MI: Playing @macsbarmi  tonight with @ascitiesburn , @manyroomsmusic  and @convenient_trash.  Get to the gig. 📸: @davyjball 

Team Savage with the 3rd place finish at the Grand River Rumble in Michigan this weekend. You know my Gilroy boys put on for the squad too! Im thinking next time we really squad up and take home that gold 🧐.

Have never seen boxed water till now :)

We kinda took a spontaneous trip to Lansing, Michigan to see some new/tough competition!! DK was 2 months shy of being the old dog in 6U but instead we were one of the youngest kids in 9U DK wrestled 3 Quality kids from 3 different States(DE, MI, OH) he won one match and the two matches he lost, they went on to take 3rd and 4th! (1st & 2nd in Freestyle) I’m happy with the way he battled today and thankful we got to experience this! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! #PWC  #DragonWrestling  #SEKelite  #grandriverrumble 

The two sisters found each other through a DNA testing service that revealed them to be biological half-sisters. They have since reconnected and planned a picnic for both of their extended families to meet. Read the full story via @goodmorningamerica  through the link in our bio.⁠ ⁠ 📷: Ashley Enright

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One custom piece and two fun pieces coming to the shop soon! The rainbow one is probably my favorite piece I’ve made! So fun and has a lot do texture. The tiny one reminds me of a river! Which one is your favorite? #embroidery  #handmade  #stitching  #piquedcraftingco  #sundayfunday  #frenchknots  #czechbeads  #embroideryinstaguild 

This #sundaygirl  is living her best life. She is laying in front of the fan and commanding more real estate on the couch than Nolan. #springerspaniel  #englishspringerspaniel  #spoiledrotten 

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I adore visits with these two beautiful humans (and their little family too 🥰).

➿➿I love a good twist out! You can schedule this appointment at! #faithchangeseverything  #naturalhairstyles  #healthyhairmatters  #lansinghairstylist  #michiganhair  #styleseat 


It’s all about process. Seriously, I had small flaws in this screen print and I almost decided to just start over and clean the screen. Well, with just a little masking tape and some time practicing, I got some great prints. Here’s to persistence! Also stop by to pick one up! And thank you! @thepoorassgamer  #screenprinting  #art  #design  #illustrator  #graphicdesign  #retro  #snes  #supernintendo  #nintendo  #retrogames  #logo  #red  #instagram  #videogames  #gaming  #twitch  #youtube  #twitchstreamer  #shop  #podcaster  #applepodcasts  #googleplay  #spotify  #GamesandGimmicks 

beer me @ Horrocks

My first Habitat for Humanity House! 🏠 I will always remember this house on Ballard Street. It’s an awesome feeling to finally find the thing you were missing in life. After working on this house for two months, it was hard leaving for the last time, but on to the next home! 🔨

This trip was perfect timing! I got to snuggle up with my 1 week old nephew Aiden Oliver Clark! ❤️ #mylittleman  #sleepybaby  #auntlindseytime  #1weekoldbaby  #mywholeheart  #nephewlove 

Meal prep Sunday! I got all the things this week. It is so funny how your body will tell you exactly what you need. I was on a veggie mission today and picked up salad, zucchini and peppers. Not to mention cherries, grapes and berries. I can’t wait to dig in! #INeedThis #BalancedBody  #BalancedDiet  #BalancedEating  #WhyNotMe #InspireHealth  #YouCanDoIt  #NoExcuses  #NoShortcuts  #EatClean  #EatLocal  #CleanFood  #FoodIsFuel  #EatGreen  #MyBodyIsAGarden  #MealPlan  #MealPrep  #EatRealFood  #Superfoods  #ConsistencyIsKey  #WorthIt  #HealthyEats 

Faded lol 😑😑😑😑😑

I’ve been really into these colors lately🤩 #mintgreenandorange 

Nap time with my littlest princess Words cannot express the feeling of moments like these 💜💜 #daddysgirl  #daddysprincess  #lazysunday  #naptime  #fatherhood  #dadlife 

Well, we decided this a while ago but forgot to show the world... meet our new member of the family, Axel #dobermanrottweilermix  #doberman  #rottweiler  #puppy 

One of my bff’s asked me yesterday if I was still going to use Beachbody on Demand and BB products now that I’ve taken a step away from coaching. Shit yeah, I am! . Listen, I’ve gotten the best results of my life with these programs and products. They’re a part of my everyday life. I FEEL my best when I’m using them. So yeah, I’m gonna keep doing that. . I’m also starting our newest program, Morning Meltdown 100, at the end of the month. 100 workouts, 20-30 minutes, total body awesomeness you know the drill 👌 . The packages for the program are 20 dolla off for the next few days, and your girl happens to have 3 discount codes to get you even more of a discount. I would not want these to go to waste, as I love sharing the love of health with those that want it. . These expire at the end of the month, so holla at ya girl if you are interested or want more info ✌🏻😘