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Story time! Yes, I have it memorized. Send over your best children’s book. We need more. We’ve gone through all these ...a million times over. 😳

Sunny hunny☀️

Rise and shine happy Tuesday ☀️ Phot - @jon_king_photo 

Ready for Leo szn 🐾🖤 #ootd  #summerstyle  #matissefootwear  #amusesociety  #liketkit

ONE WEEK away from something incredible. ⁣ ⁣ In 7 days, my online support group is taking things to the next level. We are committing to 💯 workouts!!⁣ ⁣ They are 20-30 min and even include a live DJ on set. We each get to complete them at our own schedule but the key is to FINISH. ⁣ ⁣ Check out my stories all week long with more info on how you can join us too.

I loveeeee a good suit... and I will wear a suit for any occasion! Today's suit occasion is "supporting WOC small businesses".... follow my girl @shop.emmalynlove  to shop this BOSS suit and more! Also, if you are a small business I would love to support you! I have met some amazing women from IG, and it feels good to be able to support, network, and uplift each other! Keep being a BOSS and making money moves!

@kindcollectivehou  has been a dream of mine for a long time and it has been amazing seeing it come to fruition this past week! I’m filled with gratitude by all of the support of friends and family. A special thank you to @kmcgill819  and @sillydili  for coming alongside me in this adventure! Its fun working with friends and sisters 💙 I also have to give a shout out to the best shop husband of all time @rodneyag09  he’s done so many projects over these past few months and has been so supportive and loving during this whole process! Thanks to @gentryfaithfilms  for these rad photos, I’m super excited to have you on board 💙

Last night all the hard work, late nights, tears & prayers over the past year came to real life & it was truly magical ✨ Thank you thank you to everyone who came out last night, y’alls support means the absolute world to me ❤️ RGB Heights is officially now OPEN - now go buy some sh*t // @richgirlsboutique 

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Two things are certain. 1. As an adult you need good credit. 2. Sometimes things happen and we need to rely on our savings to supplement the usual income. Improper planning or the lack of saving a bit here and there will leave you in an uncomfortable position. Save at least 20% of your income and watch that savings account rack up 🙌🏽💰💳

Just a heads up, if you wanted an appointment for this weekend, I’m taking my last appointment on Friday but I’m happy to schedule you early for next weekend or you can come tomorrow-friday. Message me for booking 👏🏼

I'll be debuting the two new fragrances I've been working on at White Linen Night before they drop online! Come by and see me 😘


Teddy Bear on a park bench created with mixed media on Arteza mixed media paper.

A good day to rest and clear my mind with my lady #antiques  #antiquing 

pt. 2

Iced chai studio break in my new Kym Owens water carved cup #shethrowslikeagirl🏺  #texaspottery  #handmadeclay 

Awesome new dressing find at H-E-B - located in the refrigerated section of the veggie department. Home grocery delivery is infinitely easier, but when I can grocery shops sans Bebe, I love exploring and testing out new products. Does anyone else enjoy grocery shopping or am I the lone weirdo!?🤣

This sweetness is headed to South Carolina. ❤️🧡

What’s better then ending the night in a fresh pool

Blue.Purple.Yellow #color 

So this was a a singing telegram gorilla for a gift. What!?! #keepingmeonmytoes  #idontevenknow  #soweird  #anniversarygift  #singinggorilla  #singingtelegram  @stayclassy82fit 

Houston girls love the way it goes down. 🚀🌵

don’t hate the player hate the game

HELLO MY FURRY FRIENDS 🐾 My new favorite food is @freshpet  and of course my mommy purchased these delicious #freshpet  meals from @target  😋🐶 #freshpetfood  #target  #explore  #dogsofinstagram  #princesszoee  #dogsofinsta  #instagramfordogs 

All for you👉👉

Now is the time to take in a moment’s stillness and visit your altar/power place where you can connect with the Divine. There is a decision you have made or will make to leave someone/some form of commitment behind. As you begin to understand things for what they are, you alleviate the guilt you feel for walking away. No one says it to be easy. But, there is much support here for you through spirit and friends/family. You know that regardless of guilt, you must be resilient. You understand that you are walking towards creating stability and a foundation for yourself where you have to depend on no one outside of you. This newfound strength propels you forward, further away from the strains of negative attachments and bonds. Whoever you are leaving behind will be very jealous and may respond in unfavorable ways that only move you further away from them. There is a level of disbelief they feel. Audacity even. “How dare you actualize? To leave and come into your full potential?” Funny. Never a matter, their pettiness and hurt feelings won’t stop your shine. Stay protected and connected. The ancestors have messages! ❤️ #hkreadings  #healingkulturetarot  #houston  #htx  #tarot  #oracle  #instatarot  #dailytarot  #followthelight  #spacecityshades  #houstontarot  #crystals  #magick  #magic  #ifa  #mysticpapa  #clearquartz  #hematite  #spirituality  #thestar 

My mother was a true warrior to the end 😇 Miss you so much 😇😍My beautiful angel bello😊😢Can’t believe it’s going to be 2 years the 27 of July that god decided to take you to heaven 🙏Miss you 🥰😢

Chicco Ct 0.6 Capri umbrella stroller #thread  #threadhouston  #travelingbaby  #travelingfamily  #babyonboard