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Roughing it with the bro ⛺️

Just two stumps and a campfire that won't light. #neature 

Either I will find a way, or make one 😽

Did a little exploring yesterday ❄️🌨

From one adventure to the next🌞🍃🍂 I love living this life with you😌💛

Couple weeks ago we took our little Camp Owen camping for the first at Camp Owen!!!😂👌🏼 We all had so much fun! #latergram  #bornforthis  #namesake 

Spent the night in the woods searching for our spirit animals. Now we're heading back to the city for a gig at @goodroombk  Doors at 8:00pm 🔥

Loved camping with all these babes. 😛

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Not a bad day of fly fishing. Few of many caught today.

The crappiest spot here.

Feelin a bit like #thefesty  weather up here in ol’ catoctin! Camping in a cloud of mist, nice and cool temps. #impromptuescape  #anniversary 

I’d rather walk the path of truth alone than be surrounded on a road of lies

From one adventure to the next🌞🍃🍂 I love living this life with you😌💛

“God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh, if he created the world in six days he can destroy yours in seconds” #projecthomegrown  #riseandgrind  #fitness  #riseup  #godfirst  #unitedwestand  #enemieswillfall 

Camping at Catoctin! Complete with Uno.


Seeing Green. #lookingup  #campinglife  #hammocking 

Basking in sunshine. #adventureswithaly  #campinglife  #summer  Photography by @alyfreedman9 

Too rainy to hike, but I’ve got a good view in the tent ❤️ #rainyday☔  #snugglebuddies  #campingtrip  #marriedlife  @brandonbj2662 

Dialing it back to childhood roots with a weekend at Catoctin and lots of campfire cooking #catoctinmountain  #rundetime  #campfirecuisine 

Five photos later he’s still a fire boi

Inspired by Will Smith ➡️

wildlife in #owenscreekcampground 

Shine on and hike on🚶🏻‍♀️! Just before I fell down, cracked my phone screen, ripped my pants and sweated like a pig on a uphill hike. All is well in my world🤟 what about yours, did anything crazy? ☆ I stayed away from army green this time for my camp/hike trip and went all chic and colorful. ☆ Outfit Deets → (OR) click on the link in the bio (OR) follow me on  app to get all details. ... #liketkit  #ltkgetaway  #ltkunder50  #ltkunder100