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It’s hard to find a friend that’s smart, funny, kind, generous, and caring but I found one. It’s me. #treatyoself  Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

02142019 | Me playing ‘1 SIDED LOVE’ on repeat. No, but seriously I am. I can’t wait for this album to drop. 🖤 • • • Especially when I’m sick out of my mind!!! I know I haven’t been active, I’ve been sick for almost a week now. Trying to get back in my flow of things! 🤒 • • • In the meantime happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ enjoy these throwbacks :)

Nothing like a little sunshine and Metallica to start the work day. NXL 44-A and (3) SUB 8003 #RCFUSA  #shakingtherafters 

constantly in awe.. ✌️

What a gorgeous day today here in NJ!! I took advantage and ran a #5k . Due to the crazy weather it’s been a while. Finished it with a #flyingcrow  arm balance!🏃🏻‍♂️🦅

The triple decker of all triple deckers! Corn beef, roast beef, and turkey piled to the sky at @harolds.ny.deli.  They also have a huge pickle bar with extra bread should you want it and other fixins. One of these bad boys will feed 6-8 of your friends as well. Everything they serve is giant sized and damn delicious! You should see the cake and matzo ball soup! I think it’s time I take a trip back. Now who would you bring with you to tackle this monster?

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Test out a new training pant hitting the market soon & get paid for your opinion🙋🏼‍♀️- what’s better than that? All the details are in our IG stories. Sign up ASAP if you’re interested as space fills up quickly 🗣 #ad  #njmompartner 

Our heart melt into pieces when we see videos of families of brave brothers crying and remembering their son. Prayers for our Shahid soldiers Like any other Indian,my only wish to see them is (Their so called fake jannat 🤬) @narendramodi  Ek Beti apse haath jodkar nahi ek Sneh waali zid karti hai inko jannat chahiye inhe jannat aap bhejiyega 🙏🏻 @zeenews  Aap aur desh ke anya channel in Kutto ki annkhe hai...aap wohi dikhayegi jo yeh dekhna chahte (humari tayyari nahi) . . . . #crpf  #pulwama  #badla  #istandwithindia  #condolences  #indiansoldiers 

#momanddaughter  #transformation  . Kathy & Katie 👩‍❤️‍👩 #beforeandafter  . It’s so nice to meet this mom and daughter 💞 Mom 👉 pics . Hair: SY @solohairdesignnj  #solohairdesignnj 


HeadSpace #mbm  #motivationaljawn 

Angie looks amazing as she gets ready to be married! #NazranaaBride  Bride Credit: @angielisaa  Groom Credit: @dewan_an_only  Photography Credit: Ajit Singh Photography Make up artist: Beauty by Tamanna Venue: Antun's by Minar Deocor: Stylish Events NY ------------ Call us at 732-283-1808 Come visit our boutique at 16 Marconi Ave., Iselin, NJ 08830

终于变成了紫毛少女(・∀・) #girl  with #purplehair 

#homemadeimade  #fish  #friedrice  Red Snapper, ginger, garlic, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, sprouts, bean, bean pod, carrot, broccoli, leeks, corrionder, spring onions, soy sauce, plum sauce, Thai chilli sauce, chili oil and affection :)


I AM KENO THE CHIEF OF NEW YORK CITY BY BLOOD!!!! MINE ANCESTORS DONT START NO FUCK AFRICA THEY LIVE HERE WAY BEFORE SPAIN OR ENGLAND LEARN HOW TO BUILD BOATS!!! Like I have said in the past, (U.S.A) #America  money is what I like call air money and as one of Benjamin Franklin grandkids due his sexual acts. I AM COMING AFTER THE STATE OF NEW YORK CITY AND THE STATE OF GEORGIA TO THE EXTENSION OF LAW. ANYTHING THAT HAPPEN ME FROM 7 YEARS OLD TILL 23 YEARS OLD , I AM GOING SHERLOCK HOLMES NEW YORK CITY. I'm tired of being the graveyard man to people evil acts. I HOPE #DONALD  #TRUMP  GET THIS FUCK MESSAGE. HAVE FUN BUILDING YOUR PIECE OF SHIT WALL THAT WILL GET CORRODED IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS. WHAT A WAST OF TAXPAYER MONEY. #Donald  #Trump  pick up a history book don't even run for president again SEE YOU SOON NEW YORK CITY. THIS TIME NO IMMIGRATION SHIT. Horus/Yahweh/Isla send God a fuck personal message I'm coming for all you fuck Republican crook motherfukers... hope you love my Democratic ass. I don't like gay people for a fuck special reason enjoy your life... You are not welcome to my Clubhouse go read a fuck Bible. Donald Trump get out of the house and don't even run again you're not going to win. I'll make sure that my friend. LIFE #art  #music   #dj #design  #google  #Egyptian  #ArabicNation  #Genuis   #Egypt  #artist   #Spain  #architect   #mastermason  #creativity  #Africa   #realestate #China   #newyorkcity   #beats  #architect  #rapping   #hustle  #trump  #democratic 

What do you think of the #chucks  my man is wearing? Red is his favorite color so I got him a pair of high tops as well as a pair of low in his size. #iluvthisguy 

Ready for a belated valentine's day dinner.

Muga Tussar Banarasi Skirt Border Saree Color : Sea Green Blouse Piece : Yes (cut and separated from the saree) Fall Pico : Yes #sareelove  #desicouture  #indianethnicwear  #indianwedding  #indianbridalwear  #sareeblouse  #banarasi  #tussarsaree  #sareeusa  #bengaliwedding 

When you work hard and you come home to know you are blessed!!!! This food is the BEST!!!!