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Somehow ended up in the City of Love! Maayong Gabi #IloiloCity ! This was a random last minute uyab adventure! So happy to be back here... Therine's first time in the land of Ilonggos! Best place to HHWW! Wahoooo! #BecomingFilipino  #UyabTime 

Madamo gid nga salamat Iloilo ☁️☁️☁️☁️ 📷 @cnlbibanco  @cakedliquids  @illcityclothing033  @baryoberdelifewear 

Made of self love 🥀 { flex thy self }

You just can't beat the person who won't give up 💪🏼⚽️ #asianfootball  #philippines  #football  #afccup  #passion 

Golmayo Girls 🇵🇭 ✨

If you need an ark for these waves, I Noah guy

I love you, mom! @rcallado83  #loveyou  #1111  #mom 

me again

Best vacation with my fam! Fun to be back in the Philippines

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sophira scarlet ♥️

we’ve been trying to keep watch here because of dengue outbreaks. behind this wall is a dirty creek, sort of like a swamp. i am scared for all the mosquitoes that’s probably been laying eggs there. pray for us... if you google iloilo, there’s been many fatalities already. #denguealert 

I watched the city lights alone that night, a little farther away from where we used to witness them before. Honestly, it sucked. I mean, the city lights. This sudden change of perspective has little to do with you, by the way. You and I were just a metaphor of our outlook towards their beauty, that is all. You see, we used to say we were as luminescent & pretty as them. Indeed. When we got to know what can make each other die laughing or raise an eyebrow or make a meme about? Maybe. When we dreamed of houses & joint bank accounts & Netflix & chill everyday? Not sure. But truth is, these eyes hurt if we look at all the bright places. I am blinded. And blinded is never okay. It used to remind me of chills & cold coffee over a cozy rooftop on a night full of stories and smiles. With you. Yet, alone, the colorful blinks remind me of a busy night even if work ended 5PM & that the rooftop is already creepy for me to stay away from this unnecessary stress Somewhere inside, I wished this place was full of fireflies & fishes instead. At least, they're not as complicated & toxic as humans [like you, or us]. Maybe these unwelcome bitterness towards these peaceful lanterns was because they have also lit those roads we trudged during the unhappy nights, especially when we had to rush back to our homes because we had to find a place to hide & let the liquids flow from these betraying eyes. I ran then, because I have to be quicker than my own pain, right? Thank the city lights, I didn't stumble. But damn them too, because we found a way out of us & I watch it that night a little farther away from where we watched them before, already alone. I don't know about you. I don't intend on knowing. Somewhere, from here afar, it felt nice thinking that I am about to leave the sights of these for a while. I might return again, unsure about that, but anyway, they still suck so I guess not. Still, no regrets, only excitement to see what the next city will show me then. #citylights  #travels  #writingprompts  P.S. Improv: Photographs instead of artworks for these unpublished files ih. 😂 Disclaimer: Work of fiction. P.P.S. Cringe. Hahahaha.

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Day205 2019 July24

Iloilo house and lot investment. #ofw  #pinoy  #iloilo  #house  #houseandhome 

Earlier today. My heart blooms seeing them. 💕 True love exists.

Im just tired in this photo lmao. #instapic  #instagram  #인스타그램  #인스타  #인스타픽  #셀가그램  #셀가 


#첫번째  #사역끝  (╹◡╹)내일도 무사히🙏🏻 . #첫날  #비행기만8시간  #필리핀  #단기선교  #🇵🇭 


😁 Credits: @jebiidion 

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There is always a reason to SMILE😊 #positivethought 

Strolling in the City of Love! #finalglimpse  #justthetwoofus  ©️ @rajmaldita  📸 ❤️

I dont regret the things i did WRONG, I regret the GOOD THINGS i did for the WRONG PEOPLE🤙🤞🤘

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