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[we have survived 3 years] its unbelievable to think. I was sittin in my room brainstorming ideas of what small business i should concieve. A suit business came to mind, came up with a name and a business logo. After i did my research. I told myself i would not be happy doing that for 10 years or more. The idea of selling hats came to me soon after that. Its not easy being a business owner. We all know even the biggest business fold. For example fresh market. Then we had the Ebids that they want to impose on Milpas st. We are not a corporation. We are are self-reliant. We are customer driven. I give my respects to all business owners. Caps is a small business that buried its flag in this little spot on milpas st in the city of Santa Barbara. The city I was born & raised in. #CapSportingHats  #SantaBarbara 

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Celebrating my Bday! I should be at some island chillin lol but im here at the shop. No place id rather be at on my b-day. Ive grown a passion for business. One of my memories starting out was when i was so nervous to sell, negotiate, & deal. I remember going out to the local swapmeet for the very first time & didnt sell a single item. At that moment i kinda second guessed myself if this was something i wanted to keep doing. But i did not let that discourage me. Shit, the first six month of business we operated without a cash register. To this day i use a old brown 1990's swivel chair. We dont even have a proper illuminated sign in front of our shop. Those things can be worked on. We still open up our doors and supply the product. If you have a idea i suggest you go out and do it, dont ask anyone their opinions. Cuz all it takes is one person to say something negative to disable you from taking a risk on yourself & believe in yourself, even if on the fist time you fail. So merry christmas to all of you and thank you for the people who have supported me in the past, present & future! #capssportinghats 

Good morning! Have you noticed the change in our post? While most business choose to ram their product down your throat, post after post, we choose to share the opposite. We choose to share images about santa barbara, our state california, cultures, foods, cars, movies, places, events in our community, sports & athletes.Real life events & stories. We will continue to share our products with you. Just not flood your timeline with it. We understand you come on IG mostly for entertainment, not to be hit with advertisement after advertisement. While others post's are filled with more hashtags than anything else, use words that sound like a damn robot machine lol. We consider that a watered down advertisement. We make an effort to use the most minimal hashtags and write our content the way we normally speak it, no big fancy words needed. We put ourselfs in your shoes so you can relate to our content. We dont want to be like the rest. We dont want to follow, we want to lead & be different. Hope you like the stuff we continue to share with you & thank you to our loyal followers. Happy early fathers day!

Rebel 8 coming soon

Not only for the pros, but also for the streets • check out our website ( link in bio • we also have a giveaway coming right up. Make sure you turn on our notifications on the top right corner (3 little dots) of this picture. Peace out

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🔥 Quitters not Allowed 🏆 SB GunMetal Black Edition • 59FIFTY by New Era 🏴 Now available • Limited supply •

🏴We don’t care about any “participation trophies”

The Shield has special significance. It has been around for many century’s. Way back to the Gladiator days. To me personally it represents Power & Strength 💪🏼. This will be the updated side logo of all future SB custom hats coming out our shop. Accept no imitations. We are here to forge our own way ⚔️ & Dominate

⚾️ L o s. D o d g e r s ⚾️

L o s D o d g e r s •

Men in Blue ⚾️🧢

Hope you Dominated your day You’re not failing, you”re in training 💪🏽👊🏼

L o s D o d g e r s 🧢

R.I.P to all the negative karma they wished upon me 🙏🏼

For the Champions 💪🏽

💣💣 Wishing you all a happy Thursday! Make it count! Make sure to visit our website (link in bio)

Sunday had the chance to catch a few football games downtown. We spotted a few guys wearing the SB hats. There is a gratifying feeling when the people from the community are supporting. I continue to work my as$ off to be able to supply you guys with tue dopest hats not only in SB, but the whole 805! ............. Artwork done by @jbone_805 

Get with the program 🔌

🔥 L o s D o d g e r s ⚾️✅⬆️

L o s D o d g e r s

This Tee belongs to a person who laces up his boots every morning for work, for the hard worker, for a person who does not hesitate to get his hands dirty, for the youngster who is going to school to achieve great things, specifically for the guy who refuses to use Excuses for shit • Excited to announce the release of the long sleeve SB Heavyweight Tee.

SB L a n d s c a p e s 🌴

Truthfully, i don’t want to be on my dying bed regretting the fact that I never got started on my own business...... SB Heavyweight longsleeve • SB Think Blue edition snapback. 🧢

This City Bleeds Blue • drops Aug 1st.

Dodgers! Strapback by New Era

R o y a l B l u e 🔵

R a i d e r s 🏴

Los Dodgers • Maroon

Dodgers • curved bill strapback • unisex