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Rad times with the @dc_skateboarding  team and @blabacphoto  this weekend in Portland! 📸: @blabacphoto 

Shameless plug-for-my-wife alert! ❤️ Portlanders and beyond - do this workshop that @permanentcultureproject  is putting on @aldercrestsauna  -- You’ll learn things and go in saunas and get massages and breathe the air. 🍄🌿⭐️

@breaksidebrews  is putting the finishing touches on their expanded taproom in Milwaukie. That means the WinneBEERgo is leaving the parking lot and getting ready to hit the road! Look for it across the state in August. #oregoncraftbeer  #winnebeergo  #breaksidebrewery 

hey new phone, thanks for making me so pretty 🖤

A friend shared the photo of the ‘32 Sedan with me. The Revell Chopped ‘32 Sedan seems like a good place to start on such a project. After all, when it comes to buildable kits, it’s pretty low on the list. The best thing you can do is either strip the entire chrome tree of source the body for some other chassis.

So incredibly proud to call this woman my role model! Today my mom is meeting with some legislators in DC about making the arts remain prevalent in education and about supplies for departments...I swear this woman never sits down! Thank you for being my superhero K$! You inspire me and so many others 💕🎭

Wow. I’m speechless. Milwaukie High School, thank you for a phenomenal day of sharing and discussing I Am Yours. I can’t believe that there were 300+ of you, listening, creating that space together, connecting and feeling the power and courage that reside within all of us. I performed a piece from I Am Yours called To Speak is a Revolution (video in my linktree.) I loved seeing you nod along, snap your fingers, woot, and your spontaneous bursts of applause almost made me lose my spot. Then, your questions and personal stories were mind-blowing! Here are but a few that were asked: How do you overcome the fear of rejection? How does an artist persevere in spite of fear and obstacles? What advice can you give on recognizing the people in life who can be safe spaces for sharing our stories of trauma, and how can we recognize those who aren’t? How do we respond to those who say they don’t believe survivors or that our trauma doesn’t matter or try to shame us? Is there a way to know when the time is right to share art that has been inspired by pain, and when it isn’t yet time? What do we say to those who have abused us before, who aren’t people we can turn away or cut off, but are people we love? How do you mend those wounds so that the pain, resentment, and fear can be healed and released? How do you create emotional boundaries without being seen as lacking compassion? We spoke. We read from I Am Yours. We found answers. We spoke about creating art from the scar, not the wound. We spoke about success being the intersection of preparation and opportunity. We discussed how all human beings are born innocent, and then, we become the love or the pain that is modeled to us or given to us. We spoke about empathy as the path to connection and progress, even with those who are bullies. We spoke about finding compassion and love for ourselves, and how boundaries are actually a gift of compassion and dignity for all parties. We spoke about the wisdom within all human beings. I can’t wait to return in the fall, when you’ll have read I Am Yours in your English classes. I’m in awe of you all. Thank you for trusting me. Love, Reema • ❤️ • #IAmYours  #memoir  #reemazaman 

I have been sick this last week so there haven’t been tattooing much, but I have been painting quite a bit on Twitch... here is a painting from the other day that I called “Cats in my Hair”

yes we can!(teen)

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Me n my furry roommate at the 9K for the Milwaukie K9 Fundraiser!

We obviously hate each other.

This evening’s acquisition from Hobby Lobby. Not a clue what the plan is building the ElCamino. The underpinnings are typical AMT from a few decades back, I’m thinking I need to locate a Revell/Monogram ‘59 Impala to update the underframe. I honestly don’t remember building this kit back in the day, so it’s going to be something new and fun.

True story, there might be some ducks in that box. 🦆📦 It might also be an #instapot  box. Closed with Duct tape 🤣😅 Goodbye to our last round of boys. We now have Worm Digger, Moona Duck and SoSo left for egg laying. #urbanhomestead  #duckbox  #ihavethebestideas  #crazyducklady  #duckeggsarebest  #subaruimpreza 

The new bedsides laid out on .060 Evergreen styrene sheet. The bed rails are pieces of .030X.125 Evergreen styrene strip. Pieces of .062 K&S Brass tube will be used to complete the bed rails. Laying out the lines on the styrene sheet took longer than cutting and assembling the bed.

Good night!

My sweet girl cooked eggs almost all by herself today! I do my best to let her help in the kitchen as much as possible, so that she will be capable of making her own food someday. The downside of that is that she thinks she can cook, and wants to do it without my supervision.

Tonight’s dinner: . Smoked jalapeño cheddar stuffed red bell pepper on a bed of shredded lettuce, topped with shredded cheese, crema, and taco sauce. (I need to work on my photo skills 🤦🏻‍♀️). . 13.9g net carbs 5.5g fiber 61.3g protein 46g fat 787 calories . Didn’t eat much throughout the day, just some hard boiled eggs, and a folio cheese wrap stuffed with pepperoni and salami for lunch. So pretty much all my macros were available for dinner. . Today was also my first day back at the gym after a 2 year hiatus. It felt SO good! But I definitely kicked my own ass on the treadmill. Could barely walk down the stairs to my car after. #jellolegs  . . . . #keto  #ketogenic  #ketosis  #ketolife  #ketomom  #ketomeal  #ketocooking  #cookingketo  #ketofood  #ketolicious  #ketoadapted  #ketoweightloss  #ketoliving  #ketogirl  #ketomeal  #dirtyketo  #sogood  #ketodinner  #getinmybelly 

For a second there, I thought FaceApp just inserted a photo of my dad instead of aging me. Turns out I’m just slowly turning into him. One gray hair at a time. #clone  #facechallenge  #faceapp 

Oh my geez. More heirloom roses bursting in my garden. This one is called Wise Portia and it’s another David Austin rose #week29flowers  #heirloomroses  #davidaustin  #wiseportia 

Sunsets from my backyard

Taco Cat is already part of the family. 🌮🐱💕✨ #kittensofinstagram  #instacat  #tacocat  #portlandoregon  #instagay 

Ya feel me 🤪 pc @robertroseee 

The Sofie update: One happy dog walking on water. Sofie has been having a good health week. I’ve started blending her veggies to make a canine smoothie in addition to her raw food diet. I am hoping it will give her liver some rad support. #riverdog  #lovethispooch 

Outdoor Kennel Times! This is amazing.

Thankful for working from home today and being able to workout at home on my lunch. Except didn’t check the temp inside before starting. 75 degrees and was sweating up a storm. Found out at the end of the workout. 😆 #sweatfest  #sweat  #75degrees  #beardworkout  #mma  #cdf  #coredeforce  #moredecore  #beard  #punching  #punchingandkicking 

After 18 years, and making too many meals for crowds, I think I need to upgrade my trusty old mixer to one with a larger bowl. 😓

Napping 💤 dog 🐶 #kevinthepitbull  #summerlove 

Hydrangeas in bloom 💜 This page is my personal page and I'm trying to keep it to nature and not cookies. Go follow me @jaylinssweetsandtreats  also. Thanks💜💜

Tuesday is Customer Appreciation Day! 5-8pm Loaded Burgers and Hotdogs $2, W/Bacon $3! Happy Hour 4-12pm #burgertime  #cheapdate  #burgers  #hotdogs  #thelairbarandgrill 

The sky window on my deck is ever pleasing.