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On my way to kasara in a top by @shopthat_outfit  and glares by @shopping_station_  .. Thank u guys 😘😘

✨ "HE always gives me surprises that makes me surrrrrrprised. A lot. Hehe, Tuhan bisa ajaaa" ~ another random thoughts a day before his parents and sister arrived in Manado Super grateful I got a chance to cross paths with these beautiful people - thank you for being so kind and sharing with me and my family even if just for a week - thank you for leaving Medan just for "us" - thank you for all your support for me & Jay - thank you for all your prayers, love and care. May we never lose our wonder. See you all real soon 🤗 Thank You, Sweet Jesus. #nothingisbychance 

Go green 🍹🍀

想喝随便吗? 来马六甲的green world cafe 哈哈^ω^ #随便  #cafe  #drink  #nice 

Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times ❤

cayucas と言うバンドの新しいアルバムを手に入れました! DANCING AT THE BLUE LAGOON🐝 ファーストをかなり聴いていたので待ってました!夏にぴったりです🏖 Cool album!!!!! Awesome!!!!! #cayucas  #dancingatthebluelagoon  #summer  #music 


Thanks for tonight gurls

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最近爱上这里的海南鸡饭😍砍不断的鸡肉,香喷喷的鸡饭,一片鸡肉便能配上整碗鸡饭,超爱的😍 地点就在三里 sugarbun 后面的 world cafe

Chicken rice

午餐一定逃跑不了的美食就是鸡饭!今午再次的来吃海南鸡饭,超喜欢这里的鸡饭,香喷喷的饭,超级棒的辣椒酱和嫩嫩的腿肉,你会不知不觉就吃了两碗! 店名 : World Cafe 摊位名 : 李(正宗)海南鸡饭 地点 : 三里 Sugarbun 后面角头间的店

说到吃午餐,或许你就会想到鸡饭。有人和我一样也是鸡饭的粉丝吗?今天的午餐就是海南鸡饭!超喜欢这里的鸡肉,软软的,饭也香,而且辣椒酱也不错,吃鸡饭我个人最喜欢的就是辣椒酱! 地点 : 三里 Sugarbun 后面角头间的店 店名 : World Cafe 摊位名 : 李(正宗)海南鸡饭

Nasi ayam for glory !


Had lunch at a Hainanese Chicken Rice stall located at World Cafe (behind Sugar Bun restaurant at 3rd mile). This is probably the priciest chicken rice meal that we have ever had in our entire life. For RM73.50, you get all this (in pic) for 5 person. Indeed it was extremely filling, so full that my belly was bulging out like a pregnant lady but is it worth it? Not really. Chicken was juicy but oily as well and served with regular pickled cucumber. The chicken pieces were not even chopped properly and that is disappointing because it made it harder to eat the chicken. The chilly was too watery and had no taste except for the taste of water with blended chilli. Belacan sauce was totally different, all it had in it was little bit of belacan and blended chilli, which is totally not Hainanese. The rice was dry, although it had the required oiliness to it, but still, meh~. The soup tasted like Ginseng soup, but was re-boiled again to feed more customers, hence losing the fragrance and flavour. Meh~ Overall, this place receives just 26 points. #chickenriceagain  #weareturningintochickens  #makan  #foodie  #InSearchOfMichelinQuality 

Lunch before soccer 💪🏻⚽️

Hainanese chicken rice (RM15 for three persons) #hochiak 

I carving my #hainanesechickenrice  for so long, first meal after complete #15dayslooseweightdiet  #rewardingmyself 

Long Kao pi keh Ben anyone? @brendiezwl  @opa8893  @emmahhm 

Woken up for this plate of chicken goodness. #instagram  #igfood  #ig  #food  #chicken  #chickenrice  #worldcafe  #brunch  #saturday 

I love nasik ayam #fact  #kebenaran  #pemadah 

There's nothing more Malaysian than a plate of good ol' chicken rice. Selamat Hari Malaysia, everyone.

Famous longkau pi chicken rice 🐥

Simple just nice! #lunchoftheday