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Road trippin

We crossed a lot of borders this week 🚎 #choirtour2018  #northcarolina  #southcarolina  #carowinds  #youthministry 

Carolina sunset was on point tonight, perfect way to break up the trip back to Raleigh. #nc  #chrisyoung  #lukecombs 

Me & mom dukes chilling #Mother  #Dayone  #Udig  aka Janice πŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

My ambitions as a ridah...... πŸ’‹#manicMonday 

Till next time North Carolina πŸ–€ #SYLM 

Rest stop shenanigans πŸ–€

Been a long time since I’ve seen this neon sign. Anyone who’s traveled 95 on the east coast knows it. #beauwoodlife  #pedro  #neon  #bringinghomemybabygirl  #halfway 

We traveled 1000 + miles to live in the Midwest, but somehow the south won’t let us live it up without a piece of home πŸ˜‚β˜˜οΈ

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That Eastern North Carolina sunset though! πŸŒ„πŸ€€πŸ˜

Another reason why I love Arbonne: Not only am I on vacation right now, but I am literally able to work this business wherever and whenever I want! Also I am in Qualification for District Manager within my first month of being a consultant, therefore I’m still crushing my goals even while traveling! I WILL BE district manager by the end of July ! Thank you Arbonne for freedom and flexibility in my bizz πŸŒ±πŸ’š

On our way to the beach with my family and my second family πŸ’•however I’m missing my dad/second dad🀧

I don’t recall...🧐

Thats real Justice..

When I tell you I truly loved my experience at Miss USA... I truly mean it! Not only did I walk away with wayyy too many bridesmaids and brunch buddies, but I walked away more humble than ever. Not many people will get to say they represented West Virginia not once but 3 times on a national stage. Two times I placed in the top 3. Although my streak was broken this year after not placing at all at Miss USA, I knew that was not my destiny no matter how much I wanted it to be. Now I can say I am driving the 15hrs all the way to Miami after being invited to interview for the job to become a feature model for the prestigious @si_swimsuit  and represent not only West Virginians... but EVERYONE who has ever been told no. This is YOUR YES! Let’s go make a splash in the big pool and show the world what the mountain state has to offer! #miamistyle  #phillymodel  #misswestvirginiausa  #roadtomissusa  #roadwithoutthecrown  #siswimsearch  #runwaywalk  #catwalk  #breakingstereotypes  #breakingrules 

#Repost  from @iamtherealdp  with  ... Big shoutout to everyone that made the finial cut....who’s your top pick???? β€” Tonight at 10pm I will be announcing the winners of the @heatchallenge  at 10pm on my LIVE. 5 people will be getting $5,000 a piece...Yup $25,000 is about to be paid out! β€” Click the link in the bio NOW .#ShedFat  #workout  #beyondher . #tvonetv  #igers  #igfitness  #tbn  @trilogy  @iamsteveharveytv  @BishopTDjakes  @marjorie_harvey  #doac  @iamtherealdp  #drsebisvegangirls  #acboardwalk  #Jesus  #moviemusic  #drsebiscellfood  #proudfitfam  #tropicanaac  #Fitness  #doac  @bowtyetrib  @thecliftondavis  @dhaddy  @heatchallenge  @tbn  #Drsebimucuslessalkalinediet  #mealprepping  @therealmaryjblige  @tropicanaac  @joelosteen  @joycemeyer  @pastorjohnhagee  #trilogy 

To me this is why you don't just sit back while ICE goes after immigrants bc they will get massive funding to go after you next

Really bad truck crash on the highway. Please be careful when driving guys, or stuff like this could happen

No key no key no deeto

Tonight I’ll be performing my new album LIQUIDPUNK in its entirety on live YouTube stream!! Come hang out in the chat! Planning to start about 8PM EST! Pray For Triangle Zero, Pluto Castle, and Pas Moi will be performing too!! Stream Link:

I-95 has the best lighting.

Happy 4th #chevy 

My grown sister

Tour Day 11: We had a rehearsal day today and it was pretty hot, but it was a better rehearsal day. I just arrived in South Carolina as I was writing this and I’m ready to perform at CrownBEAT on Friday! #mcdc19  #goodnightmusiccity  #stillheckthepeoplewhostolemysnacks  #heckthepeoplewhostolemymoney  #sophiestillsucks 

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Sunrise at south of the border