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joyful hikers!

Look at this beauty I’ve just harvested! Broccoli has a powerful cholesterol-lowering effect: Its fiber-related components bind to bile acids in the intestine and escort them out of the body (instead of these acids being reabsorbed with the fat molecules that they were initially released to digest). Because cholesterol is needed to produce bile acids, this temporary depletion draws upon the body’s cholesterol stores, which lowers overall cholesterol levels. A light steaming enhances this property. It is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K. #Broccoli  is also a rich source of kaempferol, a flavonoid that may help to reduce the effects of allergy-promoting substances in the body. The immune-modulating effects of kaempferol may help to explain why broccoli has unique anti-inflammatory benefits. 🥦🥦🥦🥦

🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 #watchtheton3s 

your best friends might be cool, but mine are cooler 😎

Barefoot, blue jean night 🌙 #illstay 

Good morning ☀️

it’s alexi dARLing, fROM bUZZliiiine!! • cymc’s RENT opens TOMORROW NIGHT at the Sid Williams Theatre in Courtenay, BC. i’m playing ALEXI DARLING, as well as several roles in the ensemble. this show is incredible and our cast is phenomenal! come and see the SHOWWW! we run from July 16-20!! link to tickets is in my bio✨❤️ • #rent  #alexidarling  #musicaltheatre  #rentmusical 

Who knew the ocean was calling my name 🌊

Poor princesses 💰 👑 🖕

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Comment what type of car this is.

Comment Who can I name how old this Porsche’s

@schmearnaturals  is aaaamazing!! I won a jar of there Tumeric Calming Face Mask. This is the first time ive tried it and i really liked how it felt on my skin, also the smell was yummy. My skin felt soft and refreshed after i rinsed off the mask. I will say that this product stained my face yellow as it has tumeric in it i assumed that this may happen... But hopefully it will come off by tomorrow. All in all i give this a 8 out of 10 and will definitely use this again 😊 THANK YOU SO MUCH @schmearnaturals 

Artist cards printed with Trish’s work available at La Cache on 5th Street. La Cache supports The CV Transition Society. Beautiful store with a big heart. #supportlocal  #buylocal  #weareyqq  #fineartist  #localartist  #CVArts  #WomensMovement 

Marble floors are not my friend 😅

See you at “The Studio” #thestudiocvbarre  #thestudiocvhiit  thestudiocvbikram #the  studiocvyin #the  studiocvbyx #thestudiocvbarreburn  #blessed  #gratitude  #inspired  #community  #love  #fit  #workout  #motivation 

Love when the back of your top has all the jazz. 🎷🎷Lol. Sometimes you run out of things to write.... Shop online - link in our bio #buttonsdowntheback  #sweater  #teal  #soyaconcept  #cherrywinefashions  #downtowncourtenay  #courtenay  #comoxvalley  #comox  #cumberland  #yqq  #campbellriver  #parksville  #boutique  #5thstreet 

Tonight’s teaching at Sherab Chamma Ling was the 5 syllable mantra Ah Om Hung Ram Za. Here is a tiny little clip. 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽

An Adult Bald Eagle 'Haliaeetus leucocephalus' let's outs signature high pitched call. Over Vancouver Island. A symbol of freedom in North America, The Bald Eagle was taken off the endangered list in 2007. Before this these birds of prey were subject to severe agricultural pesticides contamination which traveled through the food chain. This meant Bald Eagle eggs were developed very thin resulting in a high nesting failure rate. Although it is an enormous achievement to now be considered non endangered. @cangeo  states in an article that bald eagles live primarily in coastal habitats some of which are subject to developments. Missing that endangered 'tag' could potentially make it harder to protect #baldeagle  #only_raptors  #birdsofprey 

Tired of seeing my dogs yet? Well too bad cause the photos are gonna keep coming! 🐾 Thanks to Tara for the photos! #dog  #puppy  #baby  #love  #rottweiler  #rottie  #happy  #sweetheart  #pets  #animals  #furbaby  #sunshine  #nature  #pizzaday ! #vscocam  #likeforlike 

Our lovely Lizette riding her bike to noon Bikram Yoga Express class this afternoon🌺💕🧘🏼‍♀️ #thestudiocv  BYX #thestudiocvbarre  #thestudiocvbikram  #thestudiocvhiit  #thestudiocvyin  #thestudiocvbarreburn  #gratitude  #love  #kindness  #fitness  #love  #community  #motivation  #goals  #journey  #inspiration 

Gratude comes in many forms. Today I’m grateful for the opportunity to leave my stress at home and sit in nature.

Swimming Extravaganza Day 12. Once again along the beautiful Courtney River from Komoks IR2 to Lewis Park. The river was high so it took forever to float down but it was awesome. Only saw one person due to the dark clouds. Was still pretty warm though. Took about an hour. There’s a rope swing that I launched miserably from twice. #swimminghole  #comoxvalley  #beautifulbc  #swimming 

I made a new account! It is a safe place to share my story, express my frustrations, and meet people in similar situations. I made a post with a caption filled with facts about my mental and physical health. I think EVERYONE, even close friends and family, will learn something new. Check it out @rheumie_spoonie 

Nixon can’t even believe he’s 1 month old today. Our chunky monkey is growing so fast. #1monthold  #babyboy  #nixonkade 

some facts about me: • this is my new health page! my personal account is @madjsim  • • • I have lived with #rheumatoidarthritis  for 2.5 years (I take hydroxychloroquine and sulfasalazine daily) 👵🏼 • • • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 8 years old, and have been taking daily high doses of synthroid ever since 💊 • • •I have been living with #depressive  and #anxiety  disorders for 8+ years. My avoidance of antidepressant pills, became a non-option 1.5 years ago 🌗 • • •I have addiction issues! What!? Me!? Weak mind and body MJ!?!? Shocker! (Continuous cycle of the common addictives for 7 years) 🍻 • • • My healthier forms of self medication include: a #vegan  (ish) diet, medical #cannabis  (YES, #CBD ), vitamin supplements, turmeric, medicinal mushrooms, and more. 🌱 PLEASE SEND ME MORE RECOMMENDATIONS if you have positive experiences with others. • • •I am a #pansexual , 22yo, cis female from Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Now living in CV, Vancouver Island with my twinsis and bff! 🌈 • • •my passions include: environmental awareness and education, shaping young minds, learning new ways to feed my body, mind, soul and environment 🌎 • • •I believe it is SO important in current society to empower people, especially women and the physically & mentally disabled 🗣

The look he gives when he knows I'm not giving in.

hit me baby one more time 😏 _____________________________ #gymrat  #bootyday  #grinditout  #sweatingforthewedding  #fitness  #girlswholift 

Maria Nila Argan Oil is our go to product when you want to hydrate and soften your hair. The oil restores shine to dull hair and protects against UV rays 💙. The Argan Oil can also be found as a key ingredient in our True Soft Shampoo, Conditioner and Masque. Available @level10eurospa  #uvprotection  📷:@jamienkidd  #marianila  . . . Posted @withrepost  • @marianilastockholm