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πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” hhhmmm ok ke ok? #myrangeroverevoque  #myredbeast  #hungrylion  #alpha868empire  #alpha868lifestyle 

Almost 5 hours at the workshop and still waiting. Bila nak siap ini keleta laaaaa..

Memang dia anak aku.....

Opssss #azansikitbang  hahahahaa

Nasib baby blue kita harini nk pancit. Tampal plaster laa sikit. Hang in there my love. 😒

Kasut Baru Lexus RX 3.5


Mitsubishi Lancer with New Original 18 inch Sparco Pro Corsa rim. Rim 18x8J pcd 5x114.3 offset 45. Using 225/45/18 Michelin Pilot Sport 3. For inqury pls PRIVATE MESSEGE, wechat or whatsapp me @ 012-9820693 (Jeff)

Ini la muka dah naik berminyak dan pembaziran waktu berlaku bilamana kegiatan lain terpaksa ditinggalkan. 6 jam kat sini baru settle. Kematu punggung nih. Bhahaha

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Making Hitler proud ... German on German ... @zero__f__given  #bbs  #bbsgermany  #volkswagengolf  #mk6  #golfr  #golfgti 

Day 474 post opt... Due an error by a "helicopter pilot" our family car's windscreen need to be replaced. Got it done at Shah Alam Tyres & Auto Accesories. Great job, hassle free... All done within half a day. Thanx to Etiqa coverage and ever accomodating Motor Insurance Agent Suhaimi Uzma & my beloved sexytary @teacherckin  who settled the documentation. #alhamdulillah  #famiglia  #teamjac  #jacsport0126168988azran  #ivmist0176168988ckin  #dannikmattuhanmuyangmanakahyangkamudustakan 

Tayar yang baruuuu

Gettin’ a set of new shoes for ya buddy! #mitsubishi  #triton  #tritontunersclubmalaysia  #4x4 

Safety 1st #brembo 

tkar ksut duluu

Finally got my wipers changed... #bosch  #wipers  #thebest  #smooth  #wiping  #fav  #wipers  #longlasting 

Abam blanjer adik V rim sukan baru.. Harap dia suka la ek..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #BeliJiwa  #MisiBaru 

Kasut Baru Lexus RX 3.5

Honda Civic installed with Goodyear TPMS for more safety on the road. Indeed a smart consumer to choose the quality tyres and quality TPMS. We should take care of our safety on the road in order to take care of our loved one. Benefits to install Goodyear TPMS :- - to constantly monitor our tyres' pressure - to pro-long the life span of our tyres - to avoid tragedy accidents cause by low tyre pressure or tyre burst - to protect the lives of your loved one - to be a responsible driver on the road *** Goodyear products are well-known for its Premium quality with affordable pricing, this is the needs of all Malaysian consumers.

Went to my usual workshop for an overdue oil change and they gave me a jar of Simpul Kasih as I was paying my bill. My fav! They changed the oil including the oil filter, did an engine flush and installed a new throttle body controller into my car. The ride feels smoother now with less vibrations. They did an excellent job and even wished me Selamat Hari Raya because even though it's early, they probably won't see me until after raya. Great service and workmanship. Well recommended.

θ€ζΏοΌŒδ½ ηš„ tyres botak δΊ†!🀣

#jgnkecamsaya  . Whike waiting my swift turbo, change a new tyre, 1st time trial out this NO CALORIE #pepsi  . Eeeuiii, the taste.... . #AbgAds  #pepsi  #pepsiboldtaste  #boldtaste 

This is why you shouldn't always drive with music on. I didn't hear my break pad wearing out until it was too late. Look at how thin that break pad is compared to the new one. Now I have to change the break pad and sand down the break disc to make it flat again. #MyFavoriteWorkshop  #DuitKeluarLagi  #LessonLearned 

Hati kat kampung dh ni.. cepat la siap.. #offtohometown  #balikkampung  #aidiladha2017 

Get yours Tirecare sealant here. Variety of of services. From A to Z. #tirecaresealant  #kingofrims  #shahalamtyres 


Opssss #azansikitbang  hahahahaa

Hantar Claim Windscreen harini di Panel Insurance Etiqa sec 15 Shah Alam, ada masalah urusan claim?? call je 0129617370πŸ“±semuanya mudah, jadilah pelanggan kami πŸ€£πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ’ͺπŸ‘Œ#specialagent  #roadtaxmadeeasy  #insurancemadeeasy  #mobileinsuranceagent  #zalproautoworld 

Tyre. You served me well. Finally got lose by a nail.

Memang dia anak aku.....

Nasib baby blue kita harini nk pancit. Tampal plaster laa sikit. Hang in there my love. 😒