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A man who fights for gold can't afford to lose to a girl (@TRUMP  GTFO)

GoT Season 7 spoiler alert

Yes. All men must die, but we are not men. #gameofthrones  #salemmassachusetts  #khaleesi  #melisandre 

I'm only on season 2, though

*Cue the GOT theme song* #claimedtheironthrone 

hi i don’t actually watch game of thrones i’m just a boss ass b!tch

"Look honey, here is where Game Of Thrones SE06EP10 was recorded" #got  #geek 

Tbh pretty uncomfortable 👑 #ForTheThrone  #HouseXia  #GoT 

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Until next year, little boat 🔊🆙

Family>> 💙

signs (2002, dir. m. night shyamalan)

my walk home is always beautiful 🌱 (except for all the skunk cabbage)

my life is falling apart faster than a nature valley granola bar

Almost done.. #tweeties  #theSeaNymph 

A big moment as the "Little Sister" hits the water for the first time. #readyforsummer 

A Day For Boating Launching Soon

Late season mist

chillen with my homie