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Guess who forgot her ID for a flight to Memphis🤦🏼‍♀️ Good thing they have my fingerprints, retinal scans, blood type + urine sample all digitally stored cause I signed up for ANY + EVERY method of getting through security quicker while sacrificing all my privacy rights #WorthIt  #TSAPrecheck  #Clear  ✈️

time for take off 🛫 - cya later, USA. Ibiza, here we come.

Home !!! LA traffic be good to ME 🙏🏾👈🏾

PRO TRAVEL TIP: Plaster your destination city across your chest. You won’t look like a tourist at all. Next stop! 🙋‍♀️🗽🙋‍♀️

Omw to New York to Celebrate the National Tattoo Day! 💉💖💉To be honest with you I didn’t know until recently that National Tattoo Day exist, But it does!!🤘🏽 how would you celebrate this day? I would suggest to not get too drunk and get randomly tattooed, but if you do, I specialize in cover-up’s 😉✨#thewitchdoctor  #miryamlumpinitattoos 

Back at it. This is our before pic. @ct3guitar  @bush  #tourlife 

Still wiping the tears from my eyes having to leave @gstaad_official.  Was home long enough to do laundry, throw it all back in my luggage and continue the hustle. @budinger10  and I are off to Edmonton Canada 🇨🇦⭐️⭐️⭐️ #worldtouradventures  #beachvolleyball  #beachvolley  #canada🍁  #obrigadococonutwater 

Hopefully, by the time im this age i wont look as upset 👀😂

Watch and see! You're being pulled back like a sling shot and God is going to let you fly into your next season! It's going to be so awesome! Believe that!!!! #realtalkkim 

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Is that a pay phone?!

I always wanted to visit New Orleans 😍 Checking it off, and about to link with some of my best friends ❤️ . Peace out Cali... See you once I get back from Extravaganza ✌🏼! . #Superbowl  #TheMainEvent  #BigPicture  #Extravaganza  #NewOrleans  #1stTime  #BucketListItem 

I always wanted to visit New Orleans 😍 Checking it off, and about to link with some of my best friends ❤️ . Peace out Cali... See you once I get back from Extravaganza ✌🏼! . #Superbowl  #TheMainEvent  #BigPicture  #Extravaganza  #NewOrleans  #1stTime  #BucketListItem 

Reunited! Arena LA was such a fun experience. ☺️ Is bout to be another JaMa adventure time to NYC to see my mans compete at the @fortnite  Pro-Am event. Feel free to comment any recommendations while we’re there. (It’ll also be my first time going to NY!) #itsJaMaTime 

See you in the morning Rome! ❤️🍽💚 #MeMyselfAndI  #LaVitaÉBella  #LivingMyBestLife  #Italy  #Rome  #Ciao  #EatPrayLove  #Alitalia 

PC : @zayrarayo 

Let the vacation begin 🎉😍

Could you believe @dzgaines  made me this dress out of @hanes  T-shirt’s in one hour?!!?!

𝘛𝘙𝘈𝘝𝘌𝘓 𝘉𝘖𝘠 🛸 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Лучшие треки для сидящих в самолете у окна 💥🛸 ⚡️Bones - WhiteLinenSheets ⚡️Bones - NoShirt ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #style  #travel  #usa  #losangeles  #offwhite 

Home !!! LA traffic be good to ME 🙏🏾👈🏾

Airplane mode.

Traveling to Washington, stopped in LA. Had to get this glitter jacket!

Back at it. This is our before pic. @ct3guitar  @bush  #tourlife 

Mr Pilot 👨🏽‍✈️ he was really nice! @southwestair  we love flying with you ❤️💙💛 #memtolax  #bestairlines  #freebags  #greatflight  #goodsnacks  #friendlypilot  #iflysouthwest 

Leaving. Living. Loving. #nottobeconfusedwithEatPrayLove 

Hi everyone! Thank you for following us on our savage travels! We promise to show you all our favorite local spots and how we get the most out of our mini vacations with out breaking the bank. This account will not only be about our travels but also of our foodie adventures! 🌎 ¡Hola a todos! ¡Gracias por seguirnos en nuestros viajes salvajes! Nos comprometemos a mostrarle todos nuestros lugares locales favoritos y cómo aprovechar al máximo nuestras mini vacaciones sin romper el banco. ¡Esta cuenta no solo será sobre nuestros viajes, sino también sobre nuestras aventuras gastronómicas! -C&M . . . . #travel  #explore  #instatravel  #instagram  #foodie  #losangeles  #instapic  #instadaily  #traveling  #california  #savageadventures  #follow  #goodvibes  #tuesday  #haveagoodday 

all my moods this plane ride✈️

Junior Olympics bound to watch my offsprings compete against the best of the best in the country! I’ll see you beauties in AUGUST!!! I’ll be booking while I’m off 💙

Hola LA for a couple of hours. Be back on Saturday. #losangeles 

Heading to San Francisco on flight 420 from LA. 😏

my lil baby poem at LAX!!

Still-life with brown ale and lightsaber. Bonus teenager.

In terms of style, Orient may very well be the most flexible and dynamic in our range of TorZo products. Depending on the environment, Orient can look rustic or modern, vibrant or subdued. With all the focus on its mesmerizing appearance, it’s easy to overlook Orient’s more practical characteristics. It can be fabricated just like wood, but has twice the hardness, making it ideal for horizontal or vertical applications. This custom wall feature in Ashland Hills, is a taste of the limitless design potential Orient has! #torzosurfaces  #orient  #cocoa  #featurewall  #sustainablesurfaces