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My mothers and I

Where would I be without these people 😭❤️

The view of the Killam just didn’t cut it 📚

Pro tip: self-tan before taking pictures with @annaseviour  or @hannahstordy 

catchin some rays😎☀️

Huge supporters of charity ( via the purchase of drink tickets )

Mom and dad attend a wedding (while Winnie sleeps in her stroller off-camera) 💖Congrats @cobehan  & @mforward83 !

Classy Kinda Night #smithwardwedding 

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What a magical day 👰🏼🤵🏻

🕊🧂girls with jobs x lawn summer white night 👻☁️🐮

Just a little family of 5 dreaming the night away on a Halifax wharf. So happy to have had the privilege of watching the wedding of @claire.leger  and @aryamzp  yesterday. The lovely @nellecallanan  snapped this pic #summer  #nofilter  #love  #marriage  #family  #allofit 

Puppy love 🐶

Saturday mornings are for the 8+ 🙌🏼

Not an #ad  but we sure can run yours ads 📈

really won the friend lottery

Lawn summer nights with cuties 💚

@off____white  really took off in ‘19. . Please make my fundraising total do the same by donating at the link in my bio. #lawnsummer  #lawnlordes  #cysticfibrosis 

Bowl is life

I contributed a full 4 points..🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ @lawnsummerhfx 

Our friendship’s finally Instagram official 💕

Obsessed with @sarahiwatts  🤷🏼‍♀️

Service AND a smile 👍🏻😁

Better drinkers than bowlers 🍻 #lawnsummernights 

Us? Using a white night as a photo op!??? NEVER!

Hey what’s up you guys

blacking out for charity! #quirky 

Just spectators, let’s be real here 🍻 @lawnsummerhfx 

One of us just got back from Israel and it shows. #lawnsummernights  #white 

Very very power #lawnsummernights