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Thank you all for the amazing birthday (today, the 17th) calls, texts, FaceTimes, DMs and physical notes. From that beautiful moment on stage last night to staying up through the night reading your messages, I’m getting to a place in my life where I can finally start to appreciate myself. It’s a very hard thing to do. You all make me feel so loved and appreciated but I have struggled my whole life and career with the “imposter syndrome,” feeling like I’m just playing a part. Not one of us is more special than the next, we just all have different circumstances. I’m surrounded by love and friendship and couldn’t ask for more. I do what I love. I work with the greatest artists in the game. I’m truly blessed with a unique path that is the result of life long passion, specific choices, very hard work and obsessions. This year I will not take my body for granted. I’m realizing I can’t only work in this life. The term workaholic has always been a badge of honor to me. I’m releasing that now. I will not miss any opportunity to give gratitude and be there for those who need me most. It’s easy to be selfish in this life. Trust me, I know. Today, I have everything I need (ok ok maybe just a couple @leica_camera  lenses...😂) and am so grateful for that. I leave you with the last lines of Kipling’s “If” because I have not yet become a man according to this, but I’m working on it and will keep being a “son” for now. Love you all. family first. MB ___________________ If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son _______ 📸: @mrwattson 

#Prince  - a city draped in purple in honor of the brilliance of his work.

Big thanks to @rgooden  for inviting me to discuss music & entertainment today as part of the @avcavolleyball  convention. Amazing to see how many people/colleges/high schools are interested in taking their Game Entertainment to the next level. #DJ  #AvpDJ  #LakersDJ  #NCAAVB  #ValaEnt 

Thank you @msrachelhollis  for having me at the  - I was blown away by the amount of energy and love the crowd of over 3,500 showed me! I appreciate you all and am extremely grateful for the opportunity🙏🏻❤️💫 - Next stop for me...currently flying into Tahoe for the @nobarriersusa  summit this weekend✈️

Greatest team ever. The entire staff of @theholliscompany  have just effectively delivered the greatest event of all time. In history. Of all events. Absolutely blown away for how you all showed up for and loved on this community. To say I’m grateful in an understatement. To say I’m proud comes nowhere near covering it. You were active participants in changing lives, a ripple of your work this weekend will last in the world forever. Thank you Dominque, Shelly, RC, Cameron, Angela, Jack, Sasha, Hayley, Shannan, Brad, Tana, Erin, Ashley, Madison, Lisette, Noelle, Katelynn, Dani, Davielle, Brandyn, Jessica, Michelle, Amber, Nicole, CC, Ali and Taylor. You have so much to be proud of. Thank you. @msrachelhollis  and I could not ask for a better team. Let’s do it again next month! See you at the dance party! #squad  #risewknd  #risexminn  #theholliscompany 

👇🏾Comment below on your favorite highlight of today’s first part of #NCAANextGeneration  — #NBAAcademy 

Just finished Day 2 of speaking at the National Youth Gathering. Amazing time sharing laughs, stories, and our faith with some awesome people. #BeWhereYourFeetAre  #NYG2019 

Congrats to Coach Patrick Chambers & CVC Penn State for being presented with the 2019 @coachesvscancer  Collegiate Champion Award Sunday night at the NABC Guardians of the Game Awards Show! #kickcancer  🔵🦁⚪ #ClimbWithUs 

Got our dancin’ shoes on thanks to @mikeloveofficial  ! Heres to a wonderful evening spent at The PACER Benefit Event with this one 🖤

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“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.” – Les Brown #taekwondo  #michigantkd  #tkd 

Checked out! Make sure your life is full of adventures. Some will be good and others will be bad, but appreciate all. . . #travel  #travelnurse  #nurseliving  #midwest  #exploring  #minneapolis  #minnesota  #workhard  #stayhumble  #blessed  #checkedout  #aboutlastnight  #minnesotanights  #minnemornings  #sugar  #teamtorres 

A whole year ago!

WOW - friends from the past, all grown up, #EmilieBoggs  - #nyg2019 

Late post but I’m extremely proud of myself and my teammates for competing at our first USA Taekwondo National Championship! We’ve come so far already so let’s continue to grow more! #cheonstigermartialarts  #ctma  #lubbocktkd  #lubbocktx  #usatkd  #2019USATKDnationals 

Aveda Congress 🌸 #pyureavedasalon 

Downtown is beautiful #sunset 

idk about y’all, but i can’t wait until next congress 🌿🖤💚 @aveda  #avedacongress  • • #aveda  #avedastylist  #avedacongress2018  #minneapolis  #minnesota  #avedahair  #greenlights  #haircare  #skincare  #floridahair  #tbt  #avedahair  #avedaproducts  #congress 

Garret Gunderson dropping some knowledge on the @myepicpractice  crew. So fortunate to have a community like this. Thank you Garret for your time and your passion. I’m sure my fist bump 👊 before you took the stage is what allowed you to take your talk to the next level.

And now @drdavidmtouhill  is lighting it up! This guy will 🤯real fast, and real frequently! Him being a part of Team Epic has changed EVERYTHING, and truly will end up having more than 10X’d our ability to reach millions more kids and pull them out of the #perfectstorm  or even better, keep them out of it altogether! His talk on “One Minute to One Million” is insanely good! #epicpartnerships  #digitalarchitect  #loudestvoice  #everykidcounts  #poweredbyepic  #epicaccelerators  #epicpediatrics 

Training with the best chiropractors in the world who are committed to changing it for our #futuregenerations  #poweredbyepic  #pediatricchiropractic  #pediatricchiropractor  #adhd  #autism  #anxiety  #kidsdeservebetter  #chiropractic  #perfectstorm 

Meeting and training with the best Chiropractors in the world to help improve the health of our communities! Love learning with this crew to be our best. . . . #livewellfamilychiropractic  #epicpediatrics  #poweredbyepic  #wellness #pediatricchiropractic 

Y’all this @myepicpractice  training is F I R E 🔥 Can’t wait to bring the knowledge & passion back to our Truly community!

Dr. Nick in Minneapolis at @myepicpractice  training with the best chiropractors in the 🌎!

Continuously training and learning the best strategies in chiropractic to serve families. Know better, do better.

Love learning with Epic docs with this sweet girl, how we can love and serve our community better! #epicchiropractic  #wellness  #chiropractor  #t3chiropractic 

Sharpening our mindsets, creating a Chiropractic legacy @ Epic Mindset with my Ignite team in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Enjoying Minneapolis with a few colleagues. Training with the best family chiropractors in the country!

Training with the best and joined by our dearest friends, colleagues and leaders! #poweredbyepic 

Learning. Masterminding. Growing. Together for a common goal to bring the best for every family. #neverstoplearning  #epicpractice  #lhwnaperville  #pediatricchiropractic  #prenatalchiropractic  #familychiropractic