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It’s timeeeeee!!!!!! . “Só a tua Graça me basta” . Biquíni lindo que minha consultoranda fez pra mim/ @jadyzadfit  💎 ❤️ . Tanning: @liquidsunrayzuk 

Believe in yourself. You’re braver than you think, stronger than you know & capable of more than you can ever imagine 🖤💫. ______________________________________________________ Last night {outfit from @novo_london  & @jhair_stylist  on hair}

200th Anniversary Bicentenary gala dinner @irwin_mitchell  met some inspiring people tonight @ac13lifestyle  @barrington_atkins  @sportsinjury_lawyer  #ambassador  #charityevent  #dinnr  #gala 

When you walk through the doors of @slimmingworld  to lose weight awards don’t enter your head, well maybe your half a stone sticker and beyond but not national awards. When you have the honour of being awarded in group, that is amazing enough. When you put yourself forward to go for the national title winning it seems like the teeniest chance of wining if any chance. When the unimaginable happens and you receive a national title a whirlwind occurs. Since December last year I knew I was national Miss Slinky and this absolutely beautiful in every single way person kept me calm, happy and exited. I always felt in the know, prepared and no pressure. Megan @meganfev  is the PR manager at @slimmingworld  and she is now my friend too (can I keep you as friend forever Megan?!). I’ve have had experiences this past year that I will cherish for the rest of my life a press call after at the Ritz, staying the biggest suite in the @theritzlondon  I was interviewed live on BBC North West Tonight, had BBC film me at home for an online video, have been interviewed on Radio Merseyside, been in 5 newspapers and on the cover of 4 on the same day, been on the cover of the Slimming World magazine, the cover Reveal magazine, featured in Best magazine, been featured online countless times literally all over the world - that is mental!! It hasn’t even sunk in for me just how crazy these past 10 months have been, and I threw in getting married you know just for good measure. But seriously Megan, you and your team have given me opportunities that I could not been more thankful for. It is so clear that the head office staff just truly want the best for all members, including the winners. Megan you have a heart of gold, thank you for all the time you have spent working with me this year, it has been an honour to be a part of spreading the Slimming World love. Your passion and experience shines through, I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me. 🦋❤️ #slimmingworld #slimmingworldvegan #slimmingworldball2017 #slimmingworldball2017 #slimmingworldpr #slimmingworldlove 

Awards night💃 💙

Amazing passion and energy in Birmingham today. The Brexit Party will change politics for good.

A huge thank you to all the businesses, charities and groups exhibiting at #CPC18 .

A small snapshot of my week at #CPC18 . Thank you to all @youngconservatives_uk  & @conservatives  who were there and hope everyone enjoyed the conference. The Prime Minister speech was superb with a clear plan for our Country and one that showed how we can offer & deliver opportunity for our Country.

This is the moment Theresa May danced on to stage at the Conservative Party Conference. — The Prime Minister did a “dance-walk” to ABBA’s Dancing Queen as she arrived for her speech. — #CPC18  #dancing  #politics  #theresamay  #conservatives 

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my favourite person, I love you more than anything, I don’t know what I’d do without you🥰

The International Convention Centre (ICC) is a major conference venue in The centre incorporates Symphony Hall and faces Centenary Square, with another entrance leading to the canals of Birmingham. #travel #instatravel  #travelgram  #tourism  #instago  #passportready  #travelblogger  #wanderlust  #ilovetravel  #writetotravel  #instavacation #instapassport  #postcardsfromtheworld  #traveldeeper  #travelstroke #travelling  #trip  #traveltheworld  #igtravel #getaway  #travelblog #instago  #travelpics  #tourist  #wanderer #wanderlust  #travelphoto  #travelingram  #mytravelgram  #visiting #

This is success, this is something money can’t buy, this is the final destination of a journey many will never understand, let alone travel. Father and son both taking trophies from the Nabba Universe last year, proud doesn’t come close. You can take all the money in the world and still never come close to the value of moments like this 👌🏼 #nabbauniverse2018  #bodybuilding  #fatherandson 

Exclusive decor partners for the Deontay Wilder 🥊 event at the ICC on the 27th July 2019 alongside @showfighteruk  #deontaywilder #eventdesign #eventdecor #events #eventstyling #boxing #themedevents #decor #themes #birmingham 

The forthcoming Signature Awards 2020 is coming to ICC, Birmingham on Friday 7th Feburary 2020. Save the date to celebrate the best in business. #sigsbham20  @nachuralevents  @ninderjohal 

Very shaky 😭😭 but still cool. #illusion  #art  #artwork 


Couple of days working at the ICC in Birmingham...

The @bronzebomber 🥊 💥 has spoken and is looking forward to seeing his UK fans. For tickets visit #wilder  #deontaywilder  #heavyweight  #bronzebomber  #bombzquad  #wbc  #loveboxing  #boxinglife  #heavyweightchampion  #sportofboxing  #sportofchampions  #boxingfans 

Graduation is next week and we can't wait to see you all in cap and gown! Make sure you tag us and use #IAMBCU  so that we can say congrats!

Also been shooting some branded content for CIPFA at their recent trade show.

🚨 GUEST NOTICE 🚨 Deontay Wilder - 27th July 2019 - Birmingham It has come to our attention that some Deontay Wilder events have been cancelled. Due to this, we have received many messages from fans asking if the Birmingham show is still going ahead. Showfighter & Goldstar are glad to inform you that our show will still proceed as planned. Tickets are still available with limited availability.

Cooking some beef daubes yesterday for the dinner service at work

Warming up for last nights greatest showman hoop performance 🎪💜🎪

Great first day at the Tribal Empower Conference! Feeling inspired and looking forward to day 2! #empowerconf  #goingdigital  #predictiveanalytics  #businessintelligence  #feelingempowered  #digitalinspiration  #embracingtechnology  @bwbl_consortium 

BEFORE THE CROWDS ARRIVED⠀ ⠀ Its been another busy few days prepping for the Tribal #EmpowerConf  at the #ICCBirmingham ⠀ We built a whopping 10m x 10m #showcase  space with 4m height to show #video  content, delegate information and provide that all important #phonecharge  for everyone attending. Watch this space for our #casestudy  on #howdowedoit ⠀ ⠀ #eventprofs  #conferencesets  #exhibitions  #exhibitionstands 

Just over 4 years ago launching the #Herbalife  CR7Drive in the UK. A product formulated in conjunction with @cristiano  to support athletes during exercise 🏃‍♂️💪🏼 . Now moments away from launching a brand new division within one of the fastest growing sectors in the market today 🔥🔥 . Can you guess what it is?.... . #Innovation  #ScienceDriven  #justgettingstarted  #lifeafterfootball 

Superb Sunday lunch @craftdiningroom  on the canal side at the ICC Birmingham. Fantastic British produce used in all their food and drink. Beautiful restaurant run by great creative foodies. Definitely one to watch. #britishproduce  #englishfizz  #craftdining  #rulersbreedrebels  #sundaylunch  #birminghamrestaurants