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Hi I’m 26 today. Running closer to love everyday + never ever EVER growing up. 💕🌟

Really leaning into gluttony while I’m in Chicago and I’m not sorry about it. Not one bit.

Do you know what day it is? It's 3/14, a.k.a. Pi Day! @bangbangpie  is busting out the Franken-pie which has a slice of key lime, jam-swirled cheesecake, mocha, lemon bar, maple bourbon, and honey pie. Check out which other restaurants are celebrating with specials and deals by clicking our story for more.⠀ 📸 : @cosmic_ghost ⠀ #timeoutchicago  #chicago  #piday 

The Frankenpie at @bangbangpie  is an example of how life is a rich tapestry blah blah blah we just care about the delicious pie. #EEEEEATS  #InfatuationChi  📸: @brunchingbabies 

A big thank you to all who braved the cold and rain to try Bramble Rye and its pie counterpart for our second Collaboration Series event of this year. And huge props to our friends at @bangbangpie  for making another incredibly tasty Bourbon County Stout pie!

When you can’t decide what flavor 🥧, get the Franken pie. 📸: @wooz19.  Tag #eaterchicago  to your best food photos and we’ll share our favorites.

When you can’t decide: Frankenpie. #timeoutchicago  #eeeeeats  #mychicagopix  #forkyeah  #pie 

Lookin’ at my future...

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Pie with the [not so] baby sis on this final CHI day.

"I'm a grown woman, I can do whatever I want" -Beyoncé

happy for 4 more years of my favorite place

(New) favorite pie with my favorite girl. Greg's working all day today, but the sun is shining and it is 63* outside, so I think we will be ok! 😊 #vscocam 


Happy Places make Happy Faces. 😍 @bangbangpie  #yum  #chicago 

I am in a food/sugar coma. Bang Bang wins! #bangbang  #bangbangpie  #biscuit  #chocolatepecan  #chifoodtour2015  #chicagofoodtour 

A little slice of heaven on a plate @bangbangpie  #MexicanFrenchSilkPie  #yummy  #nomnom  #pie  #chicago 

Made it!

Easy like pie, biscuits and coffee. #chicago 

No words can describe how good this pie was

Flowers from @flowersfordreams  with this delicious biscuit today at @bangbangpie.  What a fabulous Friday.

There are many things to love about this situation but my favorite is the girl with the crimped hair behind @g0wthefl0w  😈😈 PS the farmers biscuit is errythang. #chicagofoodauthority  #eeeeeats 

thanks for the birthday pie and flowers ☺️

Pie date.

Pie tasting at @bangbangpie ! Who will be our lucky local #Chicago  dessert partner? #openingsoon 

that ☀️!! bang bang pie it is. coconut cream - coconut cream custard. graham crust. whip cream. coconut brittle. + ☕️, 🙉. #sayinggrace  #bangbangpie  #pie  #coconutcreampie  #coffee  #dessert  #logansquare 

This guy did so many sweet things for my bday 💖 #mcm  @halfcal  in the @bangbangpie  garden

Pie for lunch

Happy Monday everyone 🍬 #bangbangpie  #logansquare  #chocolatepie  #sweettooth  #sweet  #cure  #monday  #blue 

The fruits of our labor. Thanks @bangbangpie  !!