near to Old Roman Bathhouse

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41 Pratt St, Berkeley Springs, WV β€” Let’s play β€œCount the farmhouse sinks!” Thank you for sharing, @annieb128  πŸ’› β€œStep into to yesteryear in this grand ole house. You can get lost in the 16+ rooms plus a "stand up" attic with fixed stairs. Massive wrap around porch and an enclosed sun porch. Corner lot. Many possibilities...restore to its grand stature or into multiple apartments, as it's previously been. Newer siding & shingles already installed. Just waiting on it's renovation.” β€” link in profile

Went on an adventure and stumbled into... my grandparents?? (ps-me & Alexa almost didn’t make it)

before and after we went blind

Sm)e β˜€οΈπŸ’›

recovery mode

wya john denver

28 years young 🍻

i’m a chubby, rosy-cheeked gal πŸ’ž i never thought i could love myself as much as i do now πŸ€— #selflove  #bodypositive 

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berkeley springs was a lovely quick spontaneous getaway to soak our bones for the new moon. . . . #romanbaths  #bath  #bathritual  #ritual  #wv  #berkeleysprings  #wildandwonderful  #takemehome  #countryroads  #mountainmama 

You've got a new story to write. And it looks nothing like your past. #traveller  #wildandwonderful  #nikon  #nikondf  #lightroom  #rsa_vsco  #exklusive_shot  ##rsa_ladies  #rsa_minimal  #rsa_photo_of_the_day 

Obligatory/traditional trip to the roman bathhouse for my birfday followed by delicious drinks and foods. Today was an amazing day 😊 as always (πŸ“· Nikon Df) #rubbadubKYRIE 

Fun day exploring this town πŸ”πŸš

I legit can't think of a caption. #relatable  #beatifulbc  β€’ β€’ #eplorebc  #apachepinecanada  #snow  #waterfalls 

Steamed, massaged, and soaked 2016 out of my bod today. πŸ”š

And with the shades drawn everything just drifts away (πŸ“· Nikonos V) #rubbadubKYRIE 

Healing waters, cleanse me.

Sitting at work dreaming of soaking with my love. Next week maybe? @baby_bru  😘 (πŸ“· Minolta SRT202)


Magnet on the fridge. Somebody was circulating this image soon after. The picture of Christ is actually my younger brother Jeff. The photo was lifted off of one of my websites back then and used to make this image. His picture was used for all kinds of things over the years. Even heard of a Easter program printed for some church in California once.


Bachelorette weekend 😍


"Grace, she calls you by your name she whispers of a place where living waters flow."

Chilling in the town of Bath😎