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저건 우릴 미치게 하지만 난 맑은 pinot noir.

#LOSANGELES ! We're coming to hang out July 12-17. Can we do that together? Looking to party, eat, art, whatever. Scenic views and seal watching a plus. Also, we'd love to DJ while we're there, so let us know if you have a little spot for us. Tag your best, west coast buds or slide into our DMs w/ your Hollywood Hills secrets. 🌴🌴🌴

#davidhockney  #studiovisit  what a wonderful moment 💫 Merci !👂🏽👁👂🏽#losangeles  🌺#Taschen 

@llaollaooo  en Café Bar 2000 de @chloesclue  para @_enredo  🌸

OG West Yorkshire LA bottle blonde lad

after massage

Great memories from LA #davidhockney  #nicolasparty  #losangeles  @nicolasparty 

I guess LA has culture 🖼


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Pool With Cloud Reflections - David Hockney #davidhockney  #poolwithcloudreflections 

contemplation station

“Plant on Yellow Cloth” by David Hockney (1995)

Ménage à trois


M00D ☀️🌴

I’ve always wanted to be part of a #davidhockney  picture... #swimmingpoolsdrank  #skinnydipping 

La posmodernidá nos impacienta (sound ON 🔊) #emotionalclub  #hockney 

#davidhockney  house #pool 

David Hockney

David Hockney


If you think you're superior to everyone, fuck off

A lot of people are saying I have the best gesticulations but actually that's my sister

after massage

I squeeze my eyes tightly shut and try to feel it again but it's gone

A massive super duper bigger gigantic splash avec Andrew @whenyoungband 

David Hockney, please let me swim in ur pool. I haven't swum since last summer and I live in the greater Los Angeles area. We could talk about Art and stuff or we don't even have to talk at all. Just let me swim in your pool.