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Left @emmak3nn3dy  & @imbecky69  at Gus' Pub where they belong

Rolling up to Halifax, NS with the Glory of Jesus shining out of every pore. Tour starts today!!!!! 🌅🇨🇦 #psycroptic  #archspire  #visceraldisgorge  #seeker 

Portrait by @charlie_benoit  📸 Get a cute pic for Mum Tomorrow night @lighthousehalifax ’s April event. Charlie snaps some pretty killer angles! 🙏😊

say sumthin..

We were having too much fun for me to make a post! I want to wish my sweet love a happy 32nd year of life. She's the life of my party, The spring in my step, both the reason I stay in bed in the morning😉and the reason I get up😇! So many people agree with me on this: Jess Ross you are a one of a kind powerhouse, tirelessly filling the world with goodness. I love you so much and you've made me a better person. You reached into my heart and caressed my soul, now it won't stop dancing! #lovepost  #32herewego  @jessrossthebaker 

Stoked to be taking pictures tonight at @lighthousehalifax ! Always such a fun night. Here’s some shots from last year’s versions. Thanks for having me out and being awesome @troypower69  @lighthousehalifax !

Proof I went out on a Saturday 🤷🏼‍♀️

last nite: julie doiron & georgie hair-tie thankuverymuch, kiss kiss kiss

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👉🏼 @elklodgetheband  Club goin' up on a Thursday. #ElkLodge , @dazormusic  and @alldaybreakfastmusic  playing at @guspubandgrill  next Thursday, July 25th! $8 cover. Cheap beer. VLT machines. #halifaxmusic  #halifax  #guspub  #dartmouth  #garagerock  #livemusic  @music.hfx  #bassanddrums  #canadianmusic  #showposter  #duo  #fenderjazzbass  #independentmusic  #indierock  #bigmuff  #dazor  #alldaybreakfast 

From Gus's Pub last night on Mega Comedy Monday. Proving I am indeed a short king. Fun show, great night, Steve Mackie might be my new favorite working comedian, and @avcomedy2049  is a hell of a host. Thanks for everything.

Club goin' up on a Thursday. #ElkLodge , @dazormusic  and @alldaybreakfastmusic  playing at @guspubandgrill  next Thursday, July 25th! $8 cover. Cheap beer. VLT machines. #halifaxmusic  #halifax  #guspub  #dartmouth  #garagerock  #livemusic  @music.hfx  #bassanddrums  #canadianmusic  #showposter  #duo  #fenderjazzbass  #independentmusic  #indierock  #bigmuff  #dazor  #alldaybreakfast 

I'm turning 30 soon - WHAAAAAT?! I want to keep playing music well into my 30s, so I'll start my 30s playing with some of my best friends - you! There's not enough time to properly promote this, so I'm hoping to get some buzz circulating. If you perform - record yourself and make sure you mention Jacques Jam 2019 you might get a chance to play my 20s away!!!

New live show platform!! 👉🏼 @songswfriends  is a new show on the last sunday of every month at gus' pub. The host @andrewmuisemusic  started this show to try and feature new artists. If you’d like to perform and have a good time with your friends, DM @songswfriends  ! First show: Sunday June 23 @guspubandgrill  - singer/songwriter indie/pop vibes with @theburry  @royangelmusic  & @andrewmuisemusic 

Tonight is the last show of the “GOLDEN” tour. Definitely bitter-sweet. Sad to leave the maritimes and return to regular life. Sad to stop drinking beer and wine whenever I please, especially at noon. But most of all, sad that it flew by so quick! Happy to go home and see our baby @dobythedawg.  Happy to sleep in our own bed. Happy to not have to sleep at a different spot every night. But most of all, happy that we got to experience this together. We’ve learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and will definitely do this again someday. ✌🏻 To all the people we met along the way- you guys rock. And to all of our family and friends who put us up, bought us drinks or came out to shows- we couldn’t have done this without you! Special shout out to @trailsidemusiccafe  for the hospitality and @thecapitalcomplex  for being literally the best.

tube top club 2.0 (really just had to post this cause i miss @malthomas )

Of all my happy places, this is the happiest. . 📸 by @roycemacraephotos  . #americaneric  #rocksnotdead  #bass  #bassplayer  #stingray  #ray4  #halifax 

Great time getting out to shoot a bit for @lifelikefireband  in #Halifax  this week. This is bassist Brian Wilson killing it. . #livemusic  #lifelikefireband  #lifelikefire  #hardrock  #rock  #novascotia  #portrait  #livemusicphotography  #music 

Featuring @hfxamericaneric  from July 4th show @guspubandgrill  #rock  #music  #supportlocalmusic 

Ritual Warfare are the real deal. So stoked to be working on their first record with them, out on @sewerciderecords  before 2019 is done. @troykirker  @gvf666  #ritualwarfare  #maritimemetal