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Like Father, Like Son ❤️

Tunapotoka ni mbali..Na tunapokwenda Mungu ndio anapajua. . Jaribu kumtaja MUNGU kwa kila dakika ipitayo basi na yeye hatokusahau kamwe 📸 @nbarwani_photography 

Unaweza kuangalia Mubasharaa Video Kwenye Youtube Ya @officialabdukibaa  It’s Now Out #supportedbykiba  #mofayabyalikiba  #kingkiba 

الحمدلله ربي وفقنا لإنهاء سباق سبارتن مسقط عن فئة سبرنت والذي بلغ طول مساره 8 كم وتضمنها أكثر من 20 عائق.

There are basically two type of people. People who accomplish things and people who claim to have accomplished things! The first group is less crowded! ‘ ‘ When 2018 started I had a resolution list that aimed to finish my 1st Spartan Trifecta! And I aimed to do 3 races to get it done! Things lead to another I wanted to learn how to run properly, a course lead to an injury preventive workshop. And the workshop lead to another talk and the talk lead on running another course and lead on being a certified coach in freestyle kettlebell. And the hunger for knowledge kept going on and on and on, kept moving from one community to another learn from every single person crossing my ascending learning curve and that looks like will keep going on! 2019 my list is short and more focused this year please don’t surprise me with more😆 Oman Jebel Seifah 2018 thanks for the lovely end of the year resolution. I’m very grateful to the loveliest group of people ever that helped me on getting my Trifecta done! Special thanks goes to my team and people who have faith on me and supported me @azizalonzy  @loulz2012  @harley_911  @mayomakhajah  @a7mad__awad  @mghobashi  @aalnaimi  @abdullaalsaraf  @khaled_h_alsaif  @hokuto_warrior  @q8spartan  @anfal_marafie  @emeytravels  My beloved family, and certainly every member in the HiJack team And of course last but not least @werlimitless  who have helped me to accomplish who I am today during 2018🖤💛

There's no oui without U and I ❤️

امين يارب❤️✨ #يوم_الجمعة 

❄️☃️🎄🎅🏼 good to be home

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An escape to #siwafyboutiquehotel  #siwafy  #oman 

Oman...the most peaceful country ever seen!

رافق الفقير على حاله ولاترافق النذل على ماله ﴿‏⁧‫🔕♥♬‏'ء﴾

Sadly night, I have a good news in the morning, Japanese 's scholarship is open up. But I am under qualified, I have less experience in this field. Not only newbie but I am not Japanese private business also. I am only newbie. I am not a noob 😂 Deep sleep and fresh wake up . Recovery my heart ❤️ my power ✌️ Hope is navigator . Flying to touch the horizon 🦄🌈🌪

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