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Photos by Pete Muller @pete_k_muller  | As John and I traverse the river, I realize that our definitions of fly-fishing vary. John, like nearly all people who fish for sustenance rather than recreation, prefers to catch fish than spar with them, and so sometimes baits his line. His method is effective. But for my more meditative aims, I decide to pursue a slower, and far less fruitful, purist approach. John could teach me about the river, about its history and ecology, but the subtleties of technical fly-fishing would be my own to learn. Follow me @pete_k_muller  for more stories and observations of our world. I’m sharing photos and excerpts of a written essay that appears in the current issue of @natgeo  magazine. I travel a lot and people often ask about my favorite place. Without equivocation, it is the lush highlands of central Kenya. There is no place closer to my heart. #kenya  #flyfishing  #fishing  #africa 


2d ago laurasofiadeabril

Called reina de la noche (night queen) in Costa Rica

2d ago sagarika_kohli

🔥🔥 great

2d ago fancystarglitter

You should try fly-fishing in Belize, Central America and you will have a new, "favorite place" and I put my life on that.

2d ago ktcruise

@l_gijon  your favorite flowers!

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2d ago 1mountainmandan

Well said, Come fish the Upper Delaware I believe it’s your kind of water!

2d ago felshelt

Beautiful photos. I would love to know more about John and perspective on living in Kenya, his upbringing.

2d ago mazzielochrenberg

Know those beautiful flowers as Moon Flowers, deadly, best left alone. That plant is toxic. Nice from far, but far from nice🌿

a day ago lucloubamba

Trop jolie

a day ago studio_volta10

This fishes are crazy, down of plant of floripondio?

a day ago annazonovavladi


a day ago dayana.quiceno2018

Un borrachero, the name the tree

a day ago nubia_sanchez_prada

Floripón o borracho, from this flower they extract scopolamine.

a day ago liaska76

Don't eat it!!!!!!!!!!

a day ago eduuu2018

Flower burundanga ,toxic plant of drug

a day ago mustafakamus4775

@nezahat_1510  vaybe sözünü tutmadın gitin numaranı mı değiştirdin

a day ago annmpgrn

Love the Angel’s Trumpets!

16h ago pennyn13

Lmao all that datura pollen in the river. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

14h ago cecichisan

😲😲😲 Floripondio

9h ago imantoineharris


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