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Bizzare glowing ord filmed over the sun. ⁉️🌞🌞🌞 👽 tag your friends 👽Arkadaşlarınızı Etiketleyin. 🛸🛸🛸 #science  #moon  #ufo  #alien  #ufosighting  #aliens  #extraterrestrial  #egyptian  #sky  #space  #Spaceship  #light  #style  #fly  #video  #future  #flyobject  #hi  #science  #car  #star  #world  #technology  #elonmusk  #pyramid 


4 months ago ini.iggy

son of the sun

4 months ago undergroundinamerica

It’s the reflection of light off the wing of the damn plane. Never trust something recorded through a window.

4 months ago gulsahaydingulenc

@xelda9  @besesabun_betul  bakınız nibiru efenim 😍👍

4 months ago ascended_master12

The earth is flat

4 months ago geraldimperiled

@samtaylor1974  there is an extra planet in our solar system known as niburu. The ancient mayans and egyptians knew about and recorded it. It comes into view only every 3500 years or so. Some believe that time is now...

4 months ago jesikahjean

I’ve actually seen an Orb go into the sun. 👀 I would believe this!!!!

4 months ago edvegas_


4 months ago marcelinho.batera


4 months ago _goldengirl1411

It’s a glare when you click a picture from inside an aircraft. 😃

4 months ago lilal2014

Its the center of a grape🍇

4 months ago ufology

Very interesting 🤔🤔

4 months ago michelleszarko

@guilherme.mborges  😀 Já ouvi dizer que alguns seres que comandam o projeto terra fazem reuniões no sol. Se é verdade eu não sei, quem sabe né 🤷🏻‍♀️

4 months ago migel.pinzon

Cuando fue eso ?

4 months ago christiangrossling


4 months ago giovanapmotta

Nibiru is here

4 months ago komila_mamashukurova


4 months ago xelda9

@gulsahaydingulenc  💪❤👀🙋‍♀️😘

4 months ago igorrazumovic

@undergroundinamerica  ok, but in this case the person zoom in and out and he get zoom even the second star behind sun... 🤔

4 months ago gulsahaydingulenc

@xelda9  😘😍

4 months ago mariacamilav_

@xander168  oh wow

4 months ago phelitha68

@xander168  almost here brrrrrr

4 months ago kliubet


4 months ago mr_donalexander

Camera lens reflection

4 months ago gmoneytremble

Good one👑💯📰

4 months ago spacestranger_


4 months ago 2dope323


4 months ago imagine923

Not a ufo

4 months ago imagine923

Try the second sun or our real next above the sun simulator used to block out the PX system here now

3 months ago aref._.e.m.z

Atarod 😂👌

3 months ago a.j.austin

@johnstiggs  that’s really not how lens flares work

3 months ago johnstiggs

@a.j.austin  it's so obvious. Watch when he messes around with his finger. See another appear? The most simple explanation is usually the most accurate.

3 months ago a.j.austin

@johnstiggs  the second one is a lens flare. Notice how it behaves differently from the first? Lens flares disappear when angles and focuses change and this thing did not disappear. I’m not saying it’s aliens or whatever, I’m just saying it’s not a lens flare

3 months ago johnstiggs

@a.j.austin  I never said flare. I said glare.

a month ago ebadian1368


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