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3m ago big_higg

Sometimes you need a throwaway 🤣

3m ago prizegunner


3m ago beardbroly

Man woman theybie or whatever a 38 will drop you

3m ago robertmroz

My wife and daughter both have MP compact 9mm. Both love them !!

3m ago art_2guns

@stilettosandshotguns  ... It’s been a long road to hoe but a lot of folks are ‘getting it’ and inquiring first without assumptions. . 🇺🇸KEEP HOPE ALIVE! ✊🏽😎

3m ago art_2guns

@stilettosandshotguns  ... It’s been a long road to hoe but a lot of folks are ‘getting it’ and inquiring first without assumptions. . 🇺🇸KEEP HOPE ALIVE! ✊🏽😎

3m ago leestreet_

We don't do wheel guns over here😂😂😂

3m ago saintchalise


3m ago totally_trawesome

Love to carry my snub 38. Depending what I am wearing the gun is a good choice. Be comfortable, confident and train with whatever you choose to carry.

3m ago aileemarie223

I just replaced my 9mm EDC with a single stack .380 because its slim & fits my body better. You can stop reverting back to this meme mentality & move forward with your own voice. No need to bother with this shit.

3m ago denimdevil84

Truth. My wife (politely) shut down a counter guy by skipping that stuff and going straight for for the the damn Nighthawk display lol. She had her red dotted glock 43 on her at the time. Hell the first gun she bought herself was a pump gun. I love my wife 😂

3m ago liv4freedom1776

This shit has always pissed me off, and has actually gotten me some dirty looks from some guys behind the counter, and once even told to never come back because I ruined a sale for them, because I stated my opinion. It's pretty simple, ask their experience with firearms, intended use, budget, and how they normally dress if the plan on concealed carry... regardless of what's between their legs. But of course this is coming from someone whose sister is the best shotgunner in the family, and has a mom who's the best in the family with a pistol, be it a Glock 19 or a 1911. So, what do I know about women being able to handle big guns.

3m ago rangechick72

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁 Or purple revolvers.😁

3m ago winkleried2018

I wish they would do that to me. They keep pushing the tacticool Glocks when I show up...

3m ago evsmith2013

My husband went with me and I got a Glock 19. Not the pretty purple one or the .22 lol the one that felt right to me 🙌🏻

3m ago philiprain

My wife loves her .357. She only shoots .38SP ammo through it.😁

3m ago dazed.n.gunfused

That's about right...

3m ago claytonsmum

My first gun was a Beretta, 9mm. I would’ve loved to seen the guys at Lou’s trying to show me those revolvers.... not that I object to revolvers. I just prefer other options 😂😂😂

3m ago mr_instructor72

Those type are the biggest losers 👏🏾💯😂

3m ago lapizlazuli45

So true

3m ago butcht01

We’re not in the 50’s anymore. Let’s start with one that leaves holes. My first was a .45. Nothing better than a 1911

3m ago g_m_cervantes

My aunt lived and had a business in the bad part of town. She got a Smith .38 5 shot snubby! It was 1963, I ended up with the gun in the 80s and like a moron I got rid of it.

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