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✨✨ MAKEUP REVIEW✨✨ "Damn...where's that blinding glow comin from?!" . . @w7makeupuk  Glowcomotion highlighter . . To be's BETTER than @thebalm  Mary Lou manizer... Keep reading for in depth deets . . PACKAGING: ✨Huge pan size ✨Very good quality mirror ✨ Sturdy ✨It has that typical click-lock mechanism as seen in most cosmetic products . . PERFORMANCE: ✨It gives extreme pigmentation with the slightest touch ✨Can look natural and also blinding based on the application ✨The shimmer particles are super fine in texture , blends like a dream ✨Does not emphasize the texture on the skin ✨Will look very beautiful on all skin tones,especially well on medium to deep skin tones . . . FINAL VERDICT: If you want that beautiful GLOW! You need this✨✨ . . Retails for $5 to $7 depending on your location I purchased this from @hokmakeup  . . . Lemme know in the comments section below what MAKEUP review you would like to see next! . . #makeup  #glow #highlighter  #besthighlighter #makeupreview #glassskin #dupe #affordablehighlight #blindinghighlight #blinding #indianblogger  #skincare #vote #love #w7makeup #glowcomotion 


3m ago yashana_212

Best review Eva!!!!😍❤

3m ago sanna_hemdev

Way to go baby ❤️

3m ago nikitha__niki__

I really love its pigmentation😍😍 You’re going great 😊😍 All the best 😘😘

3m ago c3ndu.momlife

Omg that highlight is so beautiful 😍😍

3m ago roxy.petrick

Omg yes highlight 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

3m ago prajnaguddu

😍😍 woooowwwww

3m ago prajnaguddu

Nyccc review dear💕💕💕

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