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a month ago paula.jmsk


a month ago freshtaxnoori

I got a migraine from this.

a month ago _sophie_oye.15.22

This was pretty close to triggering a seizure for me last time a seizure sent me to the hospital I don’t need this strate from a video

a month ago goth.rat.boi._666

Epilepsy warning ⚠

a month ago relthegodd


a month ago sheykhvand_design


a month ago maryam_mardy


a month ago malak_shachath


a month ago malak_shachath

I'm sorry this happened to us

a month ago malak_shachath

Us not you

a month ago yourfavorite_nikkii


a month ago mlosh666

I want to watch

a month ago aylacalice

omg strobe lights

a month ago aliiim_22

Who’s coming???

24d ago roskya_


23d ago reem_al_zarooni

This made me cry πŸ˜‚

21d ago klaus_the_slayer

So ur still in the Illuminati I see

21d ago klaus_the_slayer

So ur still in the Illuminati I see

21d ago ashleymarieeflores


13d ago m_o__o_s_e_


12d ago isaiahjoseph24

When u have epilepsy 😝

3d ago belle.leal

Epilepsy warning! I feel bad for people who have Photosensitive Epilepsy having seizures because of this carelessness. Seizures are not fun

a day ago aliciabramwell_

epliepsy queen

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