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a day ago somebody5557

This is not good, I got a headache from looking at this for 5 seconds. Plus: people with epilepsy can get a seizure wtf. You could get sued

a day ago abbyhughessss

SHE gave me a stroke

a day ago jazofthegore

Who Hannah Montana?

a day ago jazofthegore

Miley Cyrus who used to be Hannah Montana who is now Miley Cyrus again cause it all when tippy say what?!?

a day ago slimecronches

this gave me a seizure thx❤️

21h ago t0xic_peaches

*epilepsy joined the chat*

19h ago nthrlyzhy7

سلام خوبی

18h ago mereke1995_1995


18h ago a.4re_

My eyes😭😭😭😭😭

13h ago sahyennee


9h ago tygo_van_vliet

Epelptic peopel be like: tdbsufeuosfhsjlchlvkzgJs

9h ago arda_bagirgan

Epilepsiyim piç

8h ago official_lee_yaan_


7h ago dnl.gssn

Free epilepsy test

7h ago dnl.gssn

Free epilepsy test

7h ago itzzen0148_

Oh I’m so excited but plz put a warning so it warns before opening. I have epilepsy and this was really scary for a sec.

6h ago saronabe

I feel dizzy now 😂

3h ago _emilygrasley

Whoa I just had a seizure

3h ago just_a_dude_who_likes_beans

So no warning?

2h ago x_sweet_lily_artist_x_

Epilepsy warning ! Why do people do things like that Do they know many people Do seizures !

an hour ago k3lb31

epilepsy warning plz????

an hour ago fopanddb


an hour ago graceelliottc

seizure much but like bless

44m ago hk.oon

عميتينا عمى

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