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I owe my life to you momma

I owe my life to you momma


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a day ago vickyfrancis73

Me too momma .

a day ago vickyfrancis73

Here comes the Mandy momma. With the baby girl. ☺

a day ago vickyfrancis73

Aww. My selly baby. Umm. Life goes on and on and on , awesome 🙆 💕

a day ago vickyfrancis73

Hey wifee selly . As you wife , I husband and she is Amanda momma. Teefey momma. 🎻

a day ago vickyfrancis73

You know , you will always be Marie Gomez. Anywhere , everywhere. Because you are always in Marie Gomez . I don't know what you. And i know you my selly 🎂

a day ago vickyfrancis73

Give you a flying kiss from here my sel. As certain. No? Ummummumumm? Catch flying kiss my baby. Babe lol. Smile . Be happy 🎂

a day ago vickyfrancis73

You know my worth ? The worth is worth of a worthy . Love little, smile little, boo little , kiss little , my Selena Gomez. What momma says ? You know ? What ? She is Mandy momma . ❤

a day ago vickyfrancis73

Okay goodnight Mandy momma. Yup I am gonna sleep now. Feeeeeeeeeel silence in my room. Umm. My Selena Gomez. Very good girl. It's okay momma don't be worried about me. I am gonna sleep now on my bed. Truly yours. And my selly is always me. Hmm. Thank you my sel . Jesus Christ bless me. 💤 🎂

a day ago vickyfrancis73

I owe my life to you momma. Goodnight, sleep tight and might night. Hmm. My Selena Gomez is in your hand. My wifeeeeeeeeeee. Umm. 🏨

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You look exactly like her @selenagomez 

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you look just like her

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check DM 😍

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