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Truly love the shit out of this cast!!!!!! Buckle up world because this movie is bigger & better!!!!! #Jumanji 


2m ago j_r_real


2m ago the_young_pope1

I 100% believe it’s better than the first because the first was horrible!

2m ago hunniebee41

@kevinhart4real  Ok Is This Pieces Of The New Jumanji Yall Coming Out With Or Is This Jus From Yall Last One???

2m ago brendanmillsjr

Jumanji 3

2m ago xxtrentonxx65


2m ago noname_0233

You can cek my acc 

2m ago dawn_davismiller

My daughter Maddie loves your character so much that he inspired her to choose a zoologist for her Report in school about scientists. She’s in 5th grade and we can’t wait to see Jumanji 2!!!

2m ago martha.gardner.94651774

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2m ago ruben__bonilla

is @therock  just supervising you to make you don’t hurt yourself carrying that big bag??? 😝😝

2m ago lord_inkloid

Why desert ? Not jungle ?

2m ago angelinymaduro

Why isn’t @therock  the one carrying that bag? I know he got some stuff in there 2..

2m ago the_goat121330

Loved the last one@

2m ago rich.dilan

Love this filme

a month ago lucianotomaz40

Esse filme e muito bom.

a month ago lucianotomaz40

Luciano Tomaz de Goiânia - Brasil

a month ago rogerssr.zachary

Lol...@therock  & the pebble 🤣🤣 love the movie

a month ago rogerssr.zachary

Backpack power!!

a month ago kingmichael625


a month ago lisennys

Me facina esta peli

23d ago arandomprofile43

For real man, Thank you for extending the series of the original movie forward

18d ago yourfavorite_nikkii


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